Thursday, October 31, 2013


Boasters League round 5 ~~

We all expect the usual suspects to be the ones floating around the top of the standings. Over the past couple of seasons, it has been the “Winky-Dinks”, “Butter Nutz”, Patrick Petz’ team that changes name every year… But when another team suddenly starts to make waves, we all wonder what’s going on.

Foss-Nation” haven’t been ‘lighting the lamp’ so to speak, but are definitely the quiet achievers with their second place standing. In fact, their bonus point totals are tied for 5th best (with “The Kampai Warriors” who sit last) which – if that trend continues – would break the bonus point theory of relativity. They still have 4 more rounds to endure, one of which is a ‘bye’, so we’ll see if they can stay relevant in spite of not turning up on Wednesday! (Bonus point theory of relativity: Measurements of point quantities are directly relative to the presence of its team players… Einstein proved this, as do the “Winky-Dinks”!)

One of the main reason “Foss-Nation” are defying the odds, is not because they are playing a lot more matches than other teams (they aren’t), but because they have only lost 6 matches this season 3-0. Continually picking up at least one game in 87% of contests goes a long way.

Here is a small cross section of interesting results of round 5: Al Iafrate (“Busting Rails”) remains undefeated after taking care of business against Chris Van Tol (“Foss-Nation”) with his 4th in a row 2-1 win. Sticking with “Busting Rails”, Joe Paglino picked up his first victory with a 2-1 win over Tom Delaney (“Foss-Nation”); as did Andrew Tignanelli when he beat Anthony Kalogeridis 2-1.

Women’s power continued with Cathy Lysack (“Butter Nutz”) when she handed the hard hitting Jay Poplawski (“Wardogs”) his first loss, and Julie VandeVusse (“Butter Nutz”) taking the 2-1 win over Jim Miller (“Wardogs”).

There are 4 rounds to play. December 6 is the deadline to get all your matches in. No excuses. Or extensions. Better start arranging. And captains: get out your cattle prods and start zapping!

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