Thursday, November 7, 2013


Boasters League round 6~~

It was a slow start to the evening for round 6 and I was wondering for a while if I had missed a memo that another activity or function had taken priority – especially with the miserable weather we had. But those misgivings were wiped away when I ventured downstairs to the court area soon after only to bump into a full crowd that apparently appeared out of nowhere.

A big percentage of those people were once again from the “Winky-Dinks”. Captain Justin Winkelman must be offering some type of special service to his players as they just keep on turning up week after week. With another 12 bonus points last night, they lead the league with a total of 49 for the season so far. That’s only 2 more than “Butter Nutz” but you have remember the “Winky-Dinks” have had one less week to collect them. To put it in another perspective, they have picked up 82% of all possible bonus points. “Butter Nutz” is second best with 63%.

 Which of course places them in a pretty good position. Having already endured the bye week, they are second on the standings behind “Butter Nutz” who have not. It looks like the hunt for first half honors will be between these two rivals unless the remaining chasing teams start to pick it up dramatically.

I know everybody’s match is worth mentioning, but I can’t, so here are a few highlights: Steve Murphy (“Wardogs”) lost 1-2 to Ward Detwiler (“Foss-Nation”) and had a big smile on his face. Despite the loss, he was pleased with his performance in part due to the fact that what we had practiced recently in a lesson paid off for him in the match. Same goes for Anthony Kalorgeridis (“Foss-Nation”) who also lost 1-2 to Doug Troszak (“Wardogs”). He was happy to get a game off Doug – something he hadn’t been able to do before.

Jerry Rock (“Butter Nutz”) had a couple lobs too many for Dave Morrison (“The Kampai Warriors”) as he took a 2-1 victory – the first of the season for Jerry; Kevin Prather (“Winky-Dinks”) picked up his 3rd win of the season with a 2-1 score line over Jim Kelly (“Vivio’s”); and Andy Combs (Paddy’s Dropshots”) recorded his first triumph beating Chris Tipton (“Busting Rails”) 2-1.

Crunch time people. Less than one month left to get your matches played. All I can say is – there are no excuses. You have plenty of time… if you use it wisely!

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