Monday, December 16, 2013


Farris Cup – January 11 @ BAC

Here is what we are hoping for:

  • Our DAC team will perform admirably. This I am sure of, since everyone puts in their best effort whenever they grace the court.
  • Matches will be competitive. It’s understandable that some matches may be a little one-sided, after all we can’t get it spot-on every time. But after 9 years of doing this, we should be able to get it mostly right.
  • The overall result will be close. Don’t get me wrong – I want a DAC victory, but win or lose, it should be competitive.
Can we manage it? We’ll see. The 10th Farris Cup versus BAC is scheduled for Saturday, January 11. Competition starts at 9.15am and will feature 14 singles and 3 doubles matches. Our team has been selected from the winners and finalists of the 2013 Club Championships.

The DAC has so far won the Farris Cup 5 times, the BAC 4. So we do hold the edge on that count. As the years pass and the tradition of this event grows, our members get more excited every time to represent the club. It is the perfect opportunity for players from all the levels (2.5 – 5.5) to be a part of something special. Let’s hope we can continue this for many more years to come. John Farris – whom this contest is in honor of – would want nothing more than tough, well-spirited matches between the two major Michigan clubs that only builds their relationship.

Come on down to the BAC to cheer on our team. It should be a great atmosphere. A luncheon will be provided after the matches to present the winning team with the Farris Cup trophy and to honor the man himself. If you wish to join in for the munchies, coat and tie is required as is registration with me (I think its $15++ per person, but it may be a couple bucks more...)

Our representatives:

Ted Morris – Jason Trombley – Tom MacEachern – Shail Arora – Sante Fratarcangeli – Paul Van Tol – Scott Adlhoch – Phil Pitters – Jim Stroh – Andy Adamo – Derek Aguirre – Anthony Fracchia – Pablo Buitron – Jed Elley

Peter Logan – John Birgbauer – Greg Rivard – Ryan Bendzinski – John Dunwoody – Bob Burton

Go Team DAC!! 

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