Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Doubles 100 Tournament ~ starts Jan 7

In reality, there is only one real reason anyone would play squash: Because it’s AWESOME!! But, in case that isn’t adequate, here is another just as exiting motive to get on court: the Doubles 100 Tournament! Back for its 7th year, once again we will be running an A and a B draw. You all know how this works by now: Simply, choose a playing partner so that your combined ages reach at least 100 years. Draws will be a knock-out format, so if you lose, you’re out. Matches are best of five games to 15 points, with no tie-break.

Sounds easy enough, but you will need to be quick in order to find your appropriate team mate. This reminds me to mention to you that please, please, please, do not register without one. Asking me to find a partner for you aged at least ‘x’, doesn’t work very well. There will be absolutely no guarantee I can manage that.

Peter Logan and Patrick Petz have been runner-up the past 2 years in the A draw, so I’m sure they’ll be looking at getting back in the winner’s circle as they did in 2011. Or will they not be able to get over the final roadblock? Last year, it was John Dunwoody and Eric Green who thwarted them, we’ll see if the same teams register and if that one extra year has made any difference to their speed, skills, decision making, memories, coordination, bed-time… ummm… what was I talking about….?

The B draw last year had Rich Stimson and Drew Creamer taking the honors over Joe Moran and Ken Katz in a tight 3-1 final. This was also Ken’s second runners-up result – he lost a heart-breaker in 2011 18-17 in the 5th – also with Joe as his partner. No doubt he’ll be even more determined to come up trumps this time, but as we all know every year gets harder and harder. Will some of the younger troop coming into the game burst his bubble? Tom MacEachern? Margi Scholtes? Andrew Spohn… just name but a few?

More importantly, we want participation. Our goal is to surpass last year’s record entry of 44 players. I am sure we can manage that. Registration deadline is January 3. Better start contacting potential mates…

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