Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Boasters League first half final standings ~~
To no one’s surprise, the “Winky-Dinks” took the first half honors. Going into the final week, they were only 13 points behind “Butter Nutz” who had the round nine bye. Those 13 points were made up just in bonus points alone and a good thing they did too. The “Winky-Dinks” struggled on court for the final round losing 6 matches 3-0, 4 matches 2-1, and winning only 3 contests. Adding on the make-up matches that both “Winky-Dinks” and “Butter Nutz” completed over the final week, the five point victory margin in the end was a lot closer than I predicted it would be.

Busting Rails” made a last week surge and impressively closed the gap to the second placed team from 39 points to 18. Also making a little progress, “The Kampai Warriors” ended up 6th picking up a notable 43 points over the final week, and knocking on “Mongoose’s” tail for 5th spot. “Vivio’s” failed to make any headway to get themselves out of the basement staying 8 points behind “Paddy’s Dropshots”.

It seemed that play was overall up for the league this half – much of that has to do with the increase of players – but let’s see if the statistics back up that claim:

  • 74% of overall matches were completed. That’s 2% lower than the first half last season.
  • Round 1 had the most matches played with 85%.
  • Round 9 had the least matches played with 68%. The round that was ‘cancelled’ due to the Tiger’s play-off game had 70% played.
  • No team played all 15 matches in any one round.
  • Winky-Dinks” played the most matches with 84%. “Paddy’s Dropshots” completed the least with 65%.
  • Busting Rails” had the best winning percentage with 59%. “Mongoose” had the lowest with 42%. They also had the highest point total for any one round – 37 in round 9.
  • The lowest point total for any one round goes to “Vivio’s” – they scored 9 points only in round 3. It was the Tiger play-off ‘cancelled’ round.
  • The “Winky-Dinks” averaged over 12 bonus points per round (Total 86). Their lowest bonus point total for any one round in the first half was 11. That’s equal to the next team’s highest. The only other team to pick up 11 bonus points in one round was the “Butter Nutz” – they did it twice.
  • Vivio’s” picked up the least amount of bonus points with 39.
  • 18 players picked up all bonus points. “Foss-Nation” and “Paddy’s Dropshots” are the only 2 teams that didn’t have any player who picked all the bonus points.
  • 27 players completed all 8 matches. That is a record.
  • 3 of those 28 also went undefeated: Joey Gaylord (“Vivio’s”); JC Tibbitts (“Busting Rails”); Cleveland Thurber (“Foss-Nation”).
  • Neither of those three mentioned above, however, scored the most points for the first half – that honor goes to Bob Rogers (“Butter Nutz”) with 27.

On to the “All Stars”. They are the players who have scored the most points so far in the respective levels – including bonus points. Over the next couple of weeks I will be going through everyone’s results and shuffling players around in the attempt to make the competition as equal as possible. Everybody will carry their first half point total into the second. I will do my utmost to keep teams together but a small percentage of you will have to be ‘traded’. So far, the “All Stars” are:

Chuck Doyle and Jason Trombley
  1. Three way tie in the number 1 position: Brien Baker (“Busting Rails”); Jeff Gembis (“Vivio’s”); Jim Stroh (“Mongoose”)
  2. Al Iafrate (“Busting Rails”)
  3. Paul Van Tol (“Busting Rails”)
  4. Tom MacEachern (“Paddy’s Dropshots”)
  5. Greg Baker (“Vivio’s”)
  6. Bob Rogers (“Butter Nutz”)
  7. Chuck Doyle (“Busting Rails”)
  8. Justin Winkelman (“Winky-Dinks”)
  9. Joey Gaylord (“Vivio’s”)
  10. Two-way tie: Jason Trombley (“Butter Nutz”); Niko Ahee (“Winky-Dinks”)
  11. James Stuntz (“Wardogs”)
  12. Two-way tie: Tom Bejin (“Butter Nutz”); Matt Turnbull (“Winky-Dinks”)
  13. JC Tibbitts (“Busting Rails”)
  14. Cleveland Thurber (“Foss-Nation”)
  15. Brett Torgler (“Winky-Dinks”)

The second half of the season is set to get underway on January 8. All teams start at zero, but at the end of the nine weeks, there will be a 3-week play-off between the top 6 teams only. That means the bottom 3 teams will be kaputski.

I was reasonably pleased with the participation level for the first half. It is clear, though, that the more active captains have the more successful teams – If all 9 captains were as communicative and Justin Winkelman and Sante Fratarcangeli, we’d have a real tight completion on our hands. Let’s see if we can achieve this goal!

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