Thursday, January 16, 2014


Boasters League round 2~~

The quick-fire lead the “Winky-Dinks” established in round 1 was short lived. “Butter Nutz” made up the deficit and more last night when the two teams squared off against each other. Bonus points aside – (“Winky-Dinks” picked up a season low 11 which was still more than every other team) - the “Butter Nutz” were instead content in handing out some goose eggs on the court. Five of them in fact. That’s a significant amount of points which is tough to overcome.

On the other end of the ladder, “Mongoose” improved considerably compared to week one’s performance, but are still reeling in 8th place, 2 points ahead of “Wardogs” who have already had the bye. Unless they start now to get matches completed, they will be struggling mightily to make up the big difference that already looks threatening.

Participation was quite healthy for round 2, but there is always room for improvement. Every team picked up at least 6 bonus points, but you can’t live on those alone. Matches also need to get done, and if your team is scoring more bonus points than squash points because of that (3 teams did that last night), you may find yourself lingering at the back of the pack.

A few close results worth reporting: Nick Cinqueranelli (“Butter Nutz”) scrambled his way to a 2-1 victory over the improving and power-serving Brett Torgler (“Winky-Dinks”) who moved up a position from the first half. Stu Neufeld (“Paddy’s Dropshots”) picked up his first win – an impressive one – over Brian Bartes (“Mongoose”) 2-1 with some clever use of his angles; and Chuck Doyle (“Winky-Dinks”) squeaked a 2-1 win against Marc Lakin (“Butter Nutz”).

Take careful note that next week is the 2nd Dividend. That means that league matches will only be scheduled up until 6.30pm. All other matches with be self-schedule. This does not mean that you cannot play after 6.30pm, but it is encouraged that you join the crowd to meet the candidates for the DAC presidency in the gym and enjoy the feed!

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