Thursday, January 9, 2014


Boasters League round 1~~

Except of course the “Winky-Dinks” who have bolted out the gates, sprinted down the straight, hurdled the fences, crossed the bridge, traversed the hills, and are already leaving the rest of the teams in their bonus point created dust: an impressive thirteen of those points – four more than the next best which came from “Butter Nutz”. Still, it is only week one, but if the first half was any indication, the “Winky-Dinks” are going to be a distant blip in the distance very quickly.

While the “Winky-Dinks” exploded out of the starting blocks, team “Mongoose” was still stuck in their driveways, scraping the ice from their car windshields. A not-so-impressive 2 points – total – for the evening, they better not wait too long to get their engines going and hit the gas pedal hard. The “Wardogs” are excused for their zero points – they had the bye week.

It was a relatively light night in terms of participation; the courts were virtually abandoned by 7pm. The keg, however, was swamped with bodies although many of them did come from the Handball arena. I am sure the treacherous road conditions had a lot to do with it…

Some commendable results to mention for round 1: Scott Langenburg (“Winky-Dinks”) jumped up to a number 3 spot after the first half and proved the move worthy by winning a tough match over Patrick Petz (“Paddy’s Dropshots”) 2-1. Glen Milligan (“The Kampai Warriors”) managed to fend off the brute force of Joe Paglino (“Busting Rails”) just enough for a well earned 2-1 victory; and Brian Schrage (“Butter Nutz”) held firm against quick riser Cleveland –CT- Thurber (“Vivio’s”) for a 2-1 triumph. CT was bumped up 5 spots from the first half.

It was great to get the league going again and now that this “polar vortex” has left us this year (hopefully for good), we will see the courts jammed up as usual again. It’s looking pretty full tonight, so people are getting back at it at last.

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