Thursday, January 30, 2014


Boasters League round 4~~

I’m not sure what the problem is, so how does one go about fixing it? How do you convince everyone that they should be playing their matches? Another low turnout yesterday has spread out the teams even more. The most matches played by any team in round 4 so far is 6 (of 15). Overall court usage hasn’t waned, so why aren’t these matches getting completed? The last three teams on the standings have all had the bye so it is understandable that they currently occupy those positions, but the “Winky-Dinks” have had the bye too. And they are 3rd.

Busting Rails”, for example have only picked up 17 points combined in the last 2 weeks. Where are they? With 4 rounds in they are already 22 points off the last play-off spot – and 66 points of first. All I can do is keep pushing… it is up to you to get on court.

Exciting matches were featured last night, here are some highlights: Paul Huth (“Mongoose”) battled hard to take the 2-1 win over Rich Stimson (“Vivio’s”), and with that victory Paul remains undefeated so far this half. Dane Fossee (“Foss Nation”) snuck out a 2-1 win over Josh Slominski (“The Kampai Warriors”) celebrating his first win of the year; Chip McDaniel (“Paddy’s Dropshots”) s now 4-for-4 as he got past Steve Murphy (“Wardogs”) 2-1; and Andrew Spohn (“Butter Nutz”) took care of business with a 2-1 triumph over Joe Schaden (“Busting Rails”).

With the DAC Classic coming up next week - the league is still scheduled for Wednesday – everybody could use some much needed match practice. I won't sugar coat this. There are numerous people in the league that have committed the cardinal sin of not played any matches yet – it will be very difficult to get them all completed as the days go by. As I mentioned above – it is up to you to take a pro active approach and organize times to get on court. League success is not measured by how many people are listed in each team, but by how many matches get done. So get them done!

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