Friday, March 14, 2014


Boasters League Quarter-finals~~

For a change, the play-off seeding held true. It has been rather common that teams have barely managed to scrape into the finals, falling onto the right side of the ‘bubble’ as it were, only to come out in full force once the play-offs start and mow down the opposition. That being said, no team has won the league from the 6th spot on the standings (yet), but no team has won the league from the top spot either since 2010. This time though, the higher seeded teams in the quarter finals proved their worth.

It also must be said, that all four teams on Wednesday scored more bonus points that evening than any of the other rounds during the season. It’s strange (or not) that suddenly players are committed to turning up once the finals come around. At least the matches for the most part were completed. All but 5 of the 30 reported scores.

Vivio’s” v “Wardogs
Both teams picked up 9 bonus points which was a good thing – the winner would be decided on court. Things started out well enough for “Vivio’s” when Todd Baker took care of business in the first match of the day with solid 3-0 win over Steve Murphy. But it didn’t last long. Phil Pitters quickly put “Wardogs” on the score board as he ran out Rich Stimson with a 2-1 victory, and that appeared to open the flood gates a little. Winning scores for the “Wardogs” flowed in – three of them 3-0 – before Paul Flanagan stemmed the tide with a 2-1 win over Jordan Ellis. Playing catch up is always a difficult prospect but “Vivio’s” started to make a charge of their own. Joey Gaylord picked up a 3-0 win against Jon Walton, two of those games went 15-14! Then Josh Gershonowicz proved too strong for Jason Massey and he took a 3-0 win to the bank as well. By the time Friday morning rolled around, there were still 3 matches yet to be played. Mathematically, if “Vivio’s” had played and won them, they would have beaten the “Wardogs”, but you aren’t going to win from the side lines. The “Wardogs” move on with a 30-24 triumph and next week play the “Butter Nutz

Foss Nation” v “Paddy’ Dropshots
Sean Fossee's secret training regime.
Salad and beer. Yummmm
Despite “Paddy’ Dropshots” needing 2 subs for the day, they picked up one more bonus point than “Foss Nation”. Not that it helped them. Like “Vivio’s”,  Paddy’ Dropshots” started off strongly with a 3-0 win, but it didn’t take long before that small lead evaporated and turned into an ever increasing deficit. The trio of Fossees (Sean, Dane and Brendan) dropped only 1 game between them, and when James Van Dyke also scored a 3-0 win, things were looking rather bleak for “Paddy’ Dropshots”. They did get some joy from Joe Danley as he picked up all three games off Chato Hill, but the damage had been done and the point difference insurmountable. With 2 matches to play, unlike the “Vivio’s”, “Paddy’ Dropshots” had zero chance of catching “Foss Nation” who take the 35-27 victory and now face “Winky-Dinks”.

The semi finals should be a very close affair. “Wardogs” played “Butter Nutz” in round 5 and won 24-20 and “Foss Nation” beat the “Winky-Dinks” in round 3 also by 4 points 28-24. In both cases, 3 matches were not done, so the outcome of these match-ups is very much in the air. Will the top seeds get through? Come on down next Wednesday and enjoy the atmosphere!

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