Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Summer league final round~~

It didn’t take terribly much. Last week, the “Lob-Otomies” were sitting 6th and 8 points back of the last play-off spot. Now – as we look ahead to the semi final knock-out round next week - they find themselves as the second seed. Mainly due to the 30 points they picked up over the last week of play, including a handful of make-up matches (great effort people!) and the 8 matches they completed for the final round as well. What also helped the “Lob-Otomies” was the complete inactivity of the other teams. (Even though they were tied with "Technically Delinquent", they accumulated more bonus points.)

Drop Dead Gorgeous” must have dropped dead completely. Third last week with, they did pick up some points through make-up matches (6), but only scored 1 solitary point for the final round. Now, they find themselves done for the season. The “Nick-Knacks” were almost just as absent. They scored 2 points and are also on the outside looking in. “Point of No Return” can count themselves lucky. Their 4 points was just enough to hold onto the 4th and final play-off spot.

Statistics. How does this Summer League season look on paper? Where did teams succeed, where did they fail? Let’s see what the numbers tell us….

  • ·         A total of 65% of matches were done for the season. That’s down from last year’s total of 71% and 11% lower than the record set in 2012.
  • ·         Serves You Right” played a league best 80% of their matches. They played at least 7 of 10 matches every round.
  • ·         Surprisingly, the “Nick-Knacks” played the least amount of matches – 50%. “Coordination Zero” played 51% of their matches.
  • ·         Coordination Zero” also only won 36% of the matches they did play. The lowest of any team.
  • ·         Nick-Knacks” had the highest winning percentage of any team by a wide margin. They won 71% of matches. The next best team had 54%.
  • ·         Nick-Knacks” also had the lowest percentage of 3-0 losses with 14%. If only they played more…
  • ·         Serves you Right” broke 2 records: Most overall points in a summer league (136) and most bonus points collected (47). Impressive.
  • ·         Coordination Zero” collected the least amount of bonus points with 19. Not so impressive.
  • ·         Colin Bayer (“Serves You Right”) scored the most points of any player with 22. He did not lose any matches although he did not play them all – he missed one.
  • ·         Only 5 players picked up all 7 bonus points. Three of them came from “Serves You Right”.
  • ·         10 players did not pick up any bonus points at all. None of them came from “Serves You Right”.
  • ·         8 players completed all 7 matches. None of them went through undefeated.
  • ·         Drop Dead Gorgeous” was the only team that did not have a player complete all 7 matches.

Looking onto the semi-final match-ups, we have top seeded “Serves You Right” versus “Point of No Return”. These 2 teams played each other in round 2 and it was a very close 21-19 score line just leaning in “Serves You Right” favor. 9 of 10 matches were completed. This promises to be a tight contest, and too close to call to predict a winner.

The other semi has “Lob-Otomies” against “Technically Delinquent”. These teams squared off in round 5, with “Technically Delinquent” taking the honors 14-8 in a low scoring affair. Only 6 matches were completed and both teams picked up the same amount of bonus points that week, so on paper it would seem “Technically Delinquent” has the sight advantage. But that’s why we play the game… right, Brazil?

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