Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Summer league round 6~~

Serves You Right” have all but wrapped up the season honors of finishing on top of the standings. There is still one week to play, but their 25 point cushion over second place “Point of No Return” is virtually out of reach. Once again they asserted dominance in the 6th week of play with a league’s best 22 points (including make-up matches). They did however, falter on the bonus points this week with only 5. That’s their worst performance in that category this season. That being said, it was mind you, still equal best for the round.

Lob-Otomies” have really given their finals chance a major blow. They only picked up 5 points since round 5, and only 2 so far for round 6. They were sitting pretty in second place after round 2 and now look destined to miss the finals unless they get their act together in the next 7 days. “Art of Incompetence” also didn’t do themselves any favors last night as they managed a big fat zero in bonus points. Not one player on their team turned up. They did help themselves, though, by scoring quite a few make up points over the week which does keep them barely in the hunt for the top 4. Being 13 points back isn’t impossible, but time is against them.

Currently fourth spot - and the last play-off position - is held by “Technically Delinquent” by only 3 points. With “Lob-Otomies” lack of activity, they moved up from 5th on the ladder last week, and will need a strong performance in week 7 to hold onto that location. “Nick-Knacks” kept pace with them and are hot on their heels. Both teams have (so far) picked up the same amount of bonus points for the season, so if that holds true for round 7 and they end up tied for fourth, the tie-break falls to the head-to-head match-up. Unless make-up matches are completed during the week, as it stands, “Nick-Knacks” are winning that week by 1 point.

Over 75% of yesterday’s played matches ended up 2-1. Jim Smietana (“Coordination Zero”) finally managed to notch up his first win in four tries against Julie VandeVusse (“Nick-Knacks”) with a 2-1 victory. I’m sure Julie will be eager for revenge the next time they meet, so Jim should savor this moment! John Parnell took home a 2-1 win for the “Nick Knacks” taking care of the ever wilier John Hanley (“Coordination Zero”). And Sante once again owes money to John Mann (“Point of No Return”) after betting that he would lose to Justin Winkelman (“Drop Dead Gorgeous”). John won – just – 2-1.

As the match deadline races towards you at lightning speed, there is literally no more time to waste. Especially with the Independence Day weekend coming up. It will be a struggle for many to get matches in; you only have until next Tuesday to do it.

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