Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Doubles Select Tournament – starts September 2

Ever wondered what it would be like if cloning were possible and you could partner up with yourself on the doubles court? Would you argue with yourself about whether you want to play left or right wall? Would you blame your other self for losses? Would you hate yourself? Hug yourself after a win? Weird. On the other side of that coin, we all have opponents that are… for lack of a nicer word to use, “awkward” to play against. Imagine hopping on court and having to battle against two of them! For scenarios such as this, we can be thankful cloning hasn’t reached the Hollywood sci-fi levels yet.

As Labor Day approaches faster than we all thought possible (I mean, the summer hasn’t even really started yet, has it?), it’s synonymous with getting back on the squash court. And as it has been for many years, the first event we throw at you is a doubles one. Specifically, the Doubles Select. Maybe now you wish you could clone yourself and send your clone to the courts while you continue to enjoy sipping your drink under the warm sun…? Alas, no, I guess you’ll have to force your tanned body to get with the program and whip out your racquet and slip on your shoes… can you still touch your toes?

At least I make this easy for you. Don’t worry about finding a partner – all you need to do is enter. I’ll match you up with someone (not your clone). Every effort will be made to make all the teams as equal as humanly possible. Everyone will be tossed into one big knock-out draw, matches will be best of 5 games, if you win you move on, if you lose you can hit the practice track, and last team standing will receive a nice little prize.

The draw will be released on September 2. I am expecting record entries (like I do every year!) so you will need to be pro active when organizing your match times. DO NOT let the tournament fall behind. Deadlines need to be adhered to or you risk the wrath of default…!! Registration deadline is August 29.

Just a side note here: If you think you aren’t ‘good enough’ to enter this event, you are dead wrong! This is a great way to learn more about playing doubles by getting on court with more experienced players – take advantage! I encourage everyone from beginners to club champions to join in. Also, we have had players from D level to A level win this tournament, so every pairing has a chance!

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