Thursday, April 2, 2015


Assistant Squash Pro Required. Apply Within…

This is proving to be a difficult task. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to find an assistant pro, but I did expect some success last year. So, on top of posting the job on the websites, I’m going to write a short personal recommendation of why the DAC Assistant Squash Pro job is an attractive position for the correct candidate.

There are 2 major hurdles that we need to overcome: 1. The US work permit. 2. Getting someone to move to Detroit. I did receive a handful of resumes last year when we initially posted the job, but 90% of them were from outside of the country and unable to legally work. The DAC is not in the position to arrange the work permit; it is something that is required when applying. From the other 10% of applicants, all but one were simply not a fit for our club. We were very interested in the one that was, but eventually – and unfortunately for us - that person took a job elsewhere.

Detroit has a pretty awful reputation around North America. When I moved here from Montreal over 10 years ago now, the members from that club thought I was certifiably insane. And 10 years ago, the city was a mess. But Detroit has undergone an enormous amount of change over this time, helped a great deal by hosting the Superbowl in 2006 and the World Series in 2006 and 2012. Bankruptcy hit the city hard a couple of years ago, but it was the best thing that could have happened, and now it is bouncing back with vast amounts of investment, people moving back downtown, a resurgence of construction and business’ opening, and when Mr. Illitch get’s his new Red Wings stadium up and running, the downtown entertainment district will be virtually unmatched in the country.

Now that’s not to say Detroit has eliminated its issues (which city has?): crime, blight, infrastructure, road conditions… but we are on an upswing, we are improving, and Detroit is ripe for investment and it’s an exciting place to be. Especially for the sports nut – we have all 4 major sports represented here.

And the DAC? We are smack in the middle of it. Located across the road from the Detroit Tiger’s Stadium (Comerica Park) and Ford Field were the Lions play, the new Red Wings arena will also be walking distance away; we are in the heart of the action. The city’s renewed energy has boosted membership greatly, we are scheduled to open a roof top restaurant on level 7 where you would be able to watch the baseball game, and the DAC is one of the highest ranked and most beautiful Athletic Clubs in the country.

The squash portion has 4 singles squash courts and 1 doubles. And we are jammed. Demand for more courts is a terrific problem to have and that issue will in time be addressed. Court usage is at an all time high, the number of players is at an all time high, the demand for lessons is – you guessed it – at an all time high. Currently there is only one squash pro – me. The program is a monster and is getting too big for one person to handle. In short, I need help.

I have worked in many countries and places around the world, and nothing comes close to matching the DAC. Quality, cleanliness, professionalism. The right candidate has the potential to do very well here. Weekend lessons are available and in demand, building a junior program that we currently do not have, doubles lessons if you are qualified, camps, and any programs that you may wish to employ and fit into the schedule. It’s a full time gig. We run a lot of leagues, ladders, tournaments, and help will be required as well with these activities. Wage will be based on experience, and you can also earn money through lessons and camps.

You will also have the pleasure of living in one of the most under-estimated cities in America. Detroit is a wonderful place to live. Cheaper than most, passionate people, and like me, you will grow to love the place.

If you think you have what we are looking for (and you have a valid US work permit!) please forward your resume to .

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