Friday, March 27, 2015


Boasters League final~~

Not that I haven’t ever chosen a winner when it comes to the Boasters League, but generally speaking picking a team to win spawns some black magic voodoo over them and they suffer the curse of subjugation. Last week, I did happen to envisage a “Winky-Dinks” conquest over the 2 time reigning champs “Butter Nutz”, and as luck would have it, I feel like a blind squirrel feasting on its nuts… ummm… maybe I could have worded that better…

Anyway, it was a superb evening of Boasters League finals matches. The “Winky Dinks” managed to do what they failed to achieve the week before – turn up in numbers. Picking up 16 of 17 bonus points, it was one more than the “Butter Nutz”, and even more pleasing was the fact that by the end of the evening, all matches had been completed. The reason for such a turnout is simple. The compliments must be handed out to both captains. Sante Fratarcangeli and Justin Winkelman were very active with their communicating and encouragement – much like they were all season long. It is a testament to how much a difference an active leader can do.

The one thing that surprised most people was the amount of 3-0 results that littered the score sheet. Ten of them in total. It surprised me too, but winning is about performing when it’s all on the line, not letting the pressure get to you – or better still, stepping it up when in do-or-die situations.

Jason Massey did just that for the “Butter Nutz”. The last 2 times he had played Matt Hayduk he was spanked 3-0. Given, these results were a while back, but those scores would still be in the back of his mind. This time, after he scraped through the first game 15-14 and both players hurried of the court like they hadn’t drank any water for a week, Jason was the one that recovered more quickly he was off and running at the start of the second game. The momentum stuck and the 3-0 win was in the bag.

For the “Winky-DinksTom MacEachern reversed his round three 1-2 loss to Brian Bartes with a take-no-prisoners steam rolling 3-0 victory this time. And following in Tom’s footsteps was the experience of Jim Miller. He went down to Charlie Dabrowski earlier in the season 1-2 as well before taking him to town with well placed angles and earning an important 3-0 win.

Two more scores came in that were an about face from matches in January. And both of them were in favor of the”Butter Nutz”. Glen Milligan has been a little inconsistent this half, but still managed to beat Robert Welch 2-1 and Shri Rangaswamy came from one game down to take the next two from Mike Cooney.
As I mentioned above, there were plenty 3-0 scores. The two teams did not perfectly split the goose eggs, “Butter Nutz” had 6 of them and so it wasn’t an overwhelming difference. And “Butter Nutz” actually won more of the matches that ended up 2-1, but a 1 point advantage is hardly the same as 3, and as the final 3 matches went on to play, “Winky-Dinks” held onto an 8 point lead. Not an impossible amount to overcome, but the “Butter Nutz” needed to win them all 3-0.

They did take all three games in the first match with Marc Lakin’s victory, but the “Winky-Dinks” picked up the first game of the second match which effectively sealed the deal. Even though the result had been determined, the final match still went ahead. Ryan Gannon toughed it and overcame the first game loss against Liz McClure to end the night for his team on a high.

The 44-38 “Winky-Dinks” victory was well deserved. More bonus points, and they won 9 of the 17 matches. As captain, this is Justin’s first Boasters League title, the monkey is now off his back and I’m sure the win was made a little sweeter in the fact he stopped Sante from winning for a third straight year.

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