Thursday, September 24, 2015


Blitz Tournament – October 9

I usually wouldn’t be telling anyone that, but in this case, I couldn’t encourage it enough. This is one Blitzing entertaining tournament. This will the 15th Blitzing time we’ve run it, and all types of Blitzers have won from all Blitzing levels. Some of them have even won the Blitzing thing twice.

The beauty of this event is that it doesn’t take much Blitzing time to complete. Matches can take 2 Blitzing rallies only, or on the extreme end, maybe 10 minutes. Handicaps are assigned with every match, which is where most of the Blitzing complaints come from. Most of the time I stand my ground and tell the players to get Blitzed and live with it, but now and then both players will agree to modify it, and when that happens they’ll find out I was right in the first place, and I can proudly boast “I Blitzing told you so”.

Think you can handle all of this Blitz? Take note of the following:

  • Matches start at 5pm. Don’t Blitz it up and be late.
  • This is for ALL Blitzing players, men and women, at ALL playing levels. No Blitzing excuse.
  •  All matches are 1 game to 15 Blitzing points.
  • You will get a variety of Blitzing opponents and varying Blitzing levels. Handicaps will be assigned. I’ll do my Blitzing best to get every match to end 15-14…
  • There will be a Blitzing round robin event to start. The top two players of each group will advance to the Blitzing knock-out round where the top 3 Blitzers will be crowned.
  • If players are tied in the group round, they will draw Blitzing straws to see who advances.
  • Maximum 40 players, otherwise we’ll be here all Blitzing night. Minimum 16.
  • Drink the Blitzing keg. For Blitz sake.

·         It’s free to play if you’re a Blackballer.

Registration deadline is Wednesday October 7. E-mail me your Blitzing registration to . You won’t be Blitzing disappointed.

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