Thursday, February 4, 2016


Boasters League round 5~

The Wardogs did not move up the standings this week – they remain in 4th place – but rather than lagging 26 points behind the top ranked team, they are now only 4 points back. Their league best 37 points for the week boosted them up within touching distance of the top 3 teams and a safe distance from the dreaded 7th place (30 points) where one would then miss out on the finals.

The next best performers of the week were team Mongoose. They didn’t improve their position on the standings from last week either, but instead of being 16 points behind the 6th placed team - and the last play-off spot – they are now only 2. A significant catch-up to Paddy’s Dropshots who actually picked up the least amount of points during the week (except for Winky-Dinks who had the bye) with just 17.

Space Geckos finds themselves on top of the ladder again, but that view from above won’t last long. They do have the bye next week and have a better than average chance of slipping out of the top 3, if not 4, if Butter Nutz have a reasonable showing for round 6.

Some tight matches worthy of putting in print… Jeff Gembis (Fire Birds) won his third straight league match in the boasters league, but only just, over Tom MacEachern (Foss Nation). It was the first time these two have played each other and neither knew what to expect from their opponent. Jeff was just a smidgeon steadier and took the 2-1 victory, mentioning afterwards that he was surprised how well Tom moved around the court!

Maggie Durant (Wardogs) picked up her second win of the half taking out the unpredictable stylings of Paul Flanagan (Mongoose) 2-1. Maggie looks to be playing more aggressively as she moves up to the ‘T’ line regularly to hunt for the volley. The work is paying off!

Marc Bakst (Foss Nation) got some revenge on Gina Greer (Fire Birds) after he lost to her recently in the box ladders to squeak out a 2-1 win. After the match, Gina was already looking for another opportunity for payback. Marc, however, was looking for the keg… I’m sure they’ll cross paths on the court again soon enough.

So with 4 rounds to play, time running out quickly, we are on the downhill slope of the season. Remember that only the top 6 teams will continue to the knock-out finals, the last 3 teams can focus on their box ladders. It appears to be a two horse race for the last play-off spot, unless Foss Nation and Nicker Ballers can get their squash racquets swinging a little (lot) more often.

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