Thursday, January 28, 2016


Boasters League Round 4~~

It can’t really be the case already, can it? Four weeks in, five to go, and the top 6 teams have seemingly been decided? I’m hopeful (pleading!) that things will pick up, but when I get results in such as last night’s round 4, skepticism rages. Where are half the teams?

Paddy’s Dropshots did an excellent job last week, but it all came crashing down on them this week, as only 4 players turned up for bonus points, and only 2 (yes, two!) matches have been completed. I have no idea what the problem is, they ‘played’ against Foss Nation who only had 5 players turn up as well. Paddy’s Dropshots are currently occupying the 6th and final spot for a play-off berth, Foss Nation are thirty-two points behind them. Lots of work to be done.

The Nicker Ballers did have the bye week, so it wasn’t expected they would pick up many points, but they did have the golden opportunity to get some much needed make-up matches in (they have plenty to do!). However, there was hardly any activity going on and the 4 points they did get only makes things harder and harder for them. The Wardogs, for example, have also had a bye week this half and the have twice as many points as the Nicker Ballers. Lots of work to be done here too.

Team of the week goes to the Winky-Dinks. From 3rd place last week, to top of the ladder this week, they picked up an impressive 40 points. Last night, they took Space Geckos to task, winning 8 of the 10 matches they played. Mind you, 4 of those results were 2-1 so it could easily have been a different story. The Space Geckos had the advantage of bonus points with 13 of them, which is the 3rd week out of 4 they have managed to accumulate so many. A terrific average, easily the best in the league so far.

As I wandered around the courts last night, a few interesting matches are worth mentioning… Jamie Shea (Space Geckos) did what no one else has so far managed to achieve this half season, and that’s taking a game from Vikram Chopra (Winky-Dinks). He still lost 1-2, but can be happy he has broken Vikram’s perfect record! Vikram of course, thinks otherwise.

Brien Baker (Paddy’s Dropshots) hit a couple boasts too many for Tom MacEachern (Foss Nation), who was probably sick and tired of chasing those angles every other shot for 3 straight games, and took the 2-1 victory with a smile and quick trip to the keg. And Paul Ward (Wardogs) suffered his first loss of the half as he went down 2-1 to Jeff Gembis (Fire Birds) who appears to be gathering some steam.

So let’s see if round 5 brings people out of the woodwork and onto the court. Or at least the players from the last 4 teams. There is still time to get the gears greased and moving, but that window is closing rapidly - especially with the DAC Classic looming in 2 weeks time. In fact, you should be using these matches as a way to get ready for the Classic… practice, practice, practice!

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