Thursday, November 3, 2016


Boasters League round 5~

Butter Nutz were out in force for round 5. Fifteen of their seventeen players were accounted for, 11 matches have so far been completed for this week, and they are looking pretty sitting on top of the standings. The Winky-Dinks have also done well to keep pace. Their numbers were not as impressive as Butter Nutz’, but they did get a few make up matches completed over the week to make up for it and are still only 5 points back of the league leaders. It will be imperative for Winky-Dinks to keep up with those make-up matches as they will be sitting on the bye for round 6.

Space Geckos were the biggest disappointment for the round. Together with Nick at Night, they picked up the least amount of bonus points for the week (9), and together with Foss Nation, picked up the least amount of points since last Wednesday (21). (Not counting Wardogs who had the bye). They are still in third place, but instead of being just 9 points off first, they are now 24 points behind. They have a lot of work to do to catch up now, especially since they have the undesirable bye in the final round of the half.

Vivio’s, however, were the week’s best performers. Since round 4, they have picked up 41 points overall, putting them on equal standing as the 5th placed Nicker Ballers, but are in 6th position because they have accumulated less bonus points for the season. If Vivio’s would have the same amount of bonus points as the Nicker Ballers, they would be in 4th spot, just 1 point back of the Space Geckos. In fact, Vivio’s are second last in the league in that category. Pays to turn up, doesn’t it?

Some (not all!) highlight matches of the week include: Steve Smihal (Winky-Dinks) has remained undefeated so far and picked up his 5th straight win taking out Jim Miller (Foss Nation) 2-1. Curt Pedersen (Nick at Night) was moments from death as he tried to figure out how to end a rally against Nolan Monforton (Space Geckos). “He wouldn’t stop running!” was the message I received on my phone, but maybe Curt’s 6-foot-7 frame was a smidge too tall for Nolan. Curt won 15-12; 14-15; 15-14. I think the fitness room is missing an oxygen tank…?

Zac MacVoy (Butter Nutz) did all he could to hold off the stubborn red Rich Stimson (Vivio’s) to take his 4th 2-1 victory in a row and keep Rich winless so far; and James Van Dyke (Nicker Ballers) let his new Ninja racquet do all the talking as he sliced and diced his way to a 2-1 win over Mike Petix (Mongoose), his 3rd of the season.

As we approach the downhill portion of the first half of the 2016-2017 boasters league, it is my duty to once again remind all of you that 5 is the magic number. December 9 is the deadline to complete as many matches as possible, anyone not reaching the magic number is subject for replacement. I have 18 players on the waitlist, chomping at the bit to join the foray!

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