Thursday, November 10, 2016


Boasters League round 6~

Probably the team that ended up in the best position after round 6 was the one that didn’t even play! Winky Dinks had the bye week which means everyone else had the chance to catch up – which they did, but not by as much as they needed to. In make-up matches alone, Winky Dinks picked up 19 points, which keeps them in second place tied with the Space Geckos. Now, they are the only team in the top 4 that have suffered through the ‘bye’ week, putting them squarely in the driver’s seat to end up on top of the standings after the first half of the season.

Space Geckos performed the best on the score board this week picking up a total of 38 points and closing the gap to the league leading Butter Nutz to just 13. Just a hair behind the Geckos were the Nicker Ballers with 37, and on the other end of the scale, Vivio’s were this week’s slackers with only 23 points. Bonus points overall were down for round 6, and I’ll attribute it to the election hangover. A large percentage of players apparently watched all night as CNN tortuously, minute by minute, covered the voting numbers of every single county in the country… fascinating viewing no doubt. Some members still hadn’t reached the hangover stage however, not sure whether they were celebrating or drowning sorrows, but either way in no condition to grace the squash court!

For those that did, it was a competitive evening. Dewey - Nana-nana-nana-nana, Nana-nana-nana-nana... Batman! -  Steffen (Space Geckos) had to deal with not only the crafty placement of his opponent’s shots (Gus Ploss -Vivio’s) but also the ear splitting “encouragement” of Gus’s team captain. Maybe the cheering wasn’t quite loud enough (or too loud?) but Dewey kept his calm just enough, throwing in his good deal of “Boo-Yahs!” along the way, to take the 2-1 victory. 

Andy Adamo (Nicker Ballers) was surprised to see how much JC Tibbitts (Nick at Night) has improved recently and was pushed all the way as he worked a lot harder than he was expecting to, earning his 2-1 win. Tom Bejin (Butter Nutz) picked up his first win of the season with a steady enough display, taking out Mike McCuish (Mongoose) 2-1, and handing Mike is 3rd 2-1 loss so far. Another first win of the season goes to Patrick Petz (Nick at Night) who found himself moving more freely which allowed him the place the ball more consistently, as he pulled the 2-1 upset over Maggie Durant (Nicker Ballers). 

Round 7 has crept up on us very quickly. The good news is that the league takes a rest the week of Thanksgiving, so it will give everyone a chance to get a good amount of make-up matches in, and make sure you are covered in your 5 match minimum in order to play in the second half… right? Butter Nutz may have a difficult time holding on to top spot next week as they will be sitting this round out, can the other teams take advantage? Complacency is your enemy.

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