Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Boasters League first half results

As predicted last week, the Winky Dinks have ended up on top of the standings for the first half of the Boasters League. When you read the stats below, it will be easy to see why. The biggest surprise, though, was which team finished second – Mongoose. They were sitting in 4th place after round 8 but the team must have had a captain Paul Huth motivational pep-talk that inspired them to pick up a massive 58 points. A terrific effort no doubt, but too little too late to catch the league leaders. Winky Dinks’ endeavors, by the way, weren’t too shabby either – they scored 49 points.

The Wardogs also put in a grand performance accumulating 56 points, and almost made it to 3rd spot. Suffering the most in the final couple of weeks were the Space Geckos. They did have the last round bye – which is probably the worst time to have it – but they also were not overly active in their makeup matches.

The first half of the season broke participation records. The statistics below are (for the most part) quite impressive!
  • 85% of all the matches were completed. We beat last year’s first half record by 1%... Yay!
  • Winky Dinks led the way with a 91% match completion. Again a 1% improvement on the record. Another “Yay!” They cracked the 300 point mark for the first time. 
  • Foss Nation played the least amount of matches with 76%. 
  • The Winky Dinks also had the best win percentage with 58%.
  • Foss Nation had the worst win percentage – 35%.
  • Mongoose scored the most bonus points with 97 and – surprisingly – 5th placed Wardogs picked up the least with 70. The top 3 teams led the league in bonus points.
  • The most points scored in any one round was 47 by Mongoose in round 3. The lowest round score was 17 by Foss Nation in round 9. 
  • All 17 matches in any one round were completed 4 times.
  • Round 1 had all but 3 matches completed. Yep – a record... “Yay!
  • 44 players played all 8 of their matches. Very notable, but not a record…
  • Of those 44 players, 4 went through undefeated: Jordan Dean (Wardogs); Tom Paglia (Butter Nutz); Kevin Thomas and Steve Smihal from Winky Dinks.
  • Kevin Thomas (Winky Dinks) scored the most points of anybody in the league – 29.
  • 18 players picked all 8 bonus points. 6 of those came from Mongoose. 6 players didn’t pick up any.
Excellent showing. My job now for the next week or so is to go through everybody’s win / loss record and move players up or down (or not at all) for the second half. The goal is to make the competition as even as possible. Some of you will move team, although I will try to keep that to a minimum. All teams will start back with zero points. It is normal for the second half not to be as active as the first, but if you want your team to be in the running to win, then playing your matches and turning up on Wednesdays is imperative. Remember – you not playing your matches hurts everyone else in your team - not just you.

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