Thursday, January 26, 2017


Boasters League round 4~~
Election hangover? Could it be that everybody is still getting over the recent results of who got voted in? I am of course not talking about the national election – after all, who cares about that…? (!) – but Tuesday’s vastly more important DAC election! I heard that the celebratory activities went on into the wee hours of the morning, a complete disregard of it being a work night and not exactly the perfect preparation of one’s immensely significant league match. That being said, congratulations to all the election winners, commensurations to the non-winners, and searching parties have now been sent out to locate some walkabout squash players.

Another quiet night in the boasters league halls, it wasn’t as if the courts were empty, but we certainly haven’t experienced the buzzing atmosphere of what a league night should be over the past few weeks. The biggest sufferer this week was Foss Nation, but they did have the bye so we can excuse them somewhat for only picking up 5 points. However, the bye weeks are a golden opportunity to get make up matches in, and so far it seems that people are mostly missing the mark. The Butter Nutz put in the best performance this week with 32 points and are once again in their familiar position of leading the pack, Winky Dinks close on their tails, just 4 points back. Second best performer of the round goes to Mongoose with 30 points, but it didn’t help their position on the standings at all – they are still 7th.

Bonus points last night were apparently difficult to come by. Only one team reached doubles figures in that column – Nick at Night – with 10. Six of the other seven teams that were playing didn’t even get half of their team to turn up. Ugh.

Stand outs for the round: Sante. (Butter Nutz). I watched Sante play Fred Fordon (Nick at Night) in an especially entertaining match. Inconsistency plagues many of us, and Sante is no different – but a couple of weeks ago he upset Robin Basil and proved yesterday that it was no flash in the pan. I was impressed with his game, steady, volleying, moving the ball around well, great boasts, the occasional well timed cross court from the back… and Fred is no slouch. Sante won 2-1, probably the best I’ve seen him play – well done, mate!

Brien Baker (Space Geckos) and Bret Williams (Mongoose). Another notable encounter, these two have contrasting styles but put somehow it also synchronized together well. They pretty much exhausted themselves – although Brien did look worse than Bret in the end! – and it’s always fun to watch when rallies are finished off more with great shots rather than an error. Brien edged the 2-1 win, thankful for the 12 inch walk to the bench after the game.

There were of course other exciting results – John Perkins’ (Winky-Dinks) 2-1, 15-14 in the 3rd win over Justin Jacobs (Wardogs); Blake Roller (Vivio’s) flaunting his youthfulness much to the chagrin of Jeff Gierlach (Nicker Ballers) for a 2-1 victory – to name a couple, but I couldn’t possibly list them all.

Round 5 next week. Half way of the season. Already. Yes. Time is running away. How many matches do you have to make up?

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