Thursday, February 2, 2017


Boasters League round 5~~

Can you believe there is only 4 rounds to play before the boasters league finals start? Where did the season go? Time is running out quickly and for a couple of teams it may already be too late unless something drastic changes.

The Wardogs had the bye yesterday which of course makes their dire position look even worse, but they aren’t exactly helping themselves either. They have only picked up 25 bonus points in the 4 rounds they have played, never more then 7 in any one week, by far the least of any team. Since only the top 6 teams make it through to the finals, the Wardogs have a mountain and a half to climb just to reach that last play-off spot being 33 points back. Nick at Night also have to pull up their britches and put some solid weeks in if they want to give themselves a decent chance of extending their season past round 9.

The Butter Nutz are once again leading by example, scoring the most points this week with 41. Mongoose were just one point behind them with 40, jumping from 7th spot to 4th. In fact, the top 4 teams on the standings combined scored 151 points this week compared to the next 4 on the standings who scored just 93 – it’s easy to see why the teams are starting to spread out so much. Looking at bonus points as well, the top 4 teams on the standings are first, second, third and fourth in that stat too… no one can be surprised at that.

There was plenty of play last night and as always, some tough results. Cathy Lysack (Nick at Night) wins the “close-but-no-cigar” award of the week with her 14-15, 13-15, 14-15 loss to John Mann (Space Geckos), certainly a tough one to swallow, unlike the wine afterwards. Greg Baker (Vivio’s) wins the “Stop!-You’re-killing-me!” award as Kevin Thomas (Butter Nutz) ran him around almost to the point of sending him to the morgue. Greg was happy enough to get off the alive with all organs still on the inside of his body even though he lost 2-1. John Roarty (Nick at Night) put one out there for the veterans and takes the “age-is-just-a-number” award taking down the (much) younger Colin Bayer (Space Geckos) 2-1. Colin won the subsequent beer drinking contest though. Easily, I might add.

Good news for the teams ranked 6th – 9th is that each of the top 3 teams still have to endure a bye week. But it needs to be taken advantage of. Can the chasing teams close the gap? It’s all up to you!

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