Thursday, February 23, 2017


Boasters League round 8~~

Welcome to summer. In the middle of winter. Rather than digging my landing strip of a driveway out from under inches of snow multiple times a week, I should be cranking up the barbeque, donning the wife-beater, flip-flops and zinc-cream, and popping wobbly pops on my back porch. It doesn’t get this warm in Melbourne during the “cold” months of the year! Considering school is also out this week for the “winter” break (!), no wonder we had a very quiet night on the courts even though we are just 1 week away from the deadline…

Looking safe and sound for the first round bye for the finals are Mongoose and Butter Nutz. Space Geckos are 25 points back in 3rd place but their concern will be trying to stay in the top 6 as they have the last round bye. The 7th placed Nicker Ballers are only 15 points behind the Space Geckos and could easily overtake them. Nick at Night in 8th also have a decent shot of creeping into the top 6, but it looks like the Wardogs have conceded all hope. The next week should be interesting to see which teams can pick it up. Or it may be a case of hoping the other teams stay lazy.

I haven’t written a report on the league since round 5, and it’s obvious to see which team has made the most impact since: Mongoose. In the past 3 rounds, Mongoose has collected 108 points. The next best effort is Vivio’s – far behind with 72. Surprisingly, Winky-Dinks have fared the worst with only 34 points, and as such will have to put in a strong final week to keep their finals spot. As a side note, the top 4 teams (currently) also have the most bonus points…

There were not a lot of matches to pick from last night so we’ll have to refer to some other “highlights” for the evening. John Mann (Space Geckos) thought that being 11-7 up in the first game wasn’t dominating enough against Seth Helfman (Butter Nutz) so he thought a full blooded squash ball to the face would do the trick. Luckily for Seth, his eye-guards saved him from a lifetime of blindness, unluckily for John, poking the dragon was a dumb move. Seth came back to win the first game. Unluckily for Seth, maybe the blow did rattle him a little, and lucky for John, Seth’s racquet became faulty after finding the side wall 3 or 4 times between rallies – hard. John’s luck continued and he took the match 2-1.

Another eye-opener for the evening was the size of Ryan MacVoy’s club sandwich. How one can stuff so much turkey meat between 2 slices of bread is only something an American can do. I am not too sure how many birds died in making the meal, I know that Ryan took his sweet time consuming the thing, helped along by brother food-poacher Zac, (who has clearly had experience in these things before). An impressive feat, and something to take note of the next time I wish to feed my family for a week.

So stay tuned to see which 6 teams make the finals, which 3 teams can start polishing their golf clubs. March 2 (inclusive) is the deadline for all scores to come in, I will be sending out the finals schedule the morning of March 3. Please, please, please do not ask for an extension… don’t make me beg… please…  

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