Thursday, April 22, 2010


Believe it or not, the Doubles 100 Tournament just finished last night. I am sure many of you had forgotten all about it which is no surprise given that it started over 3 months ago. The event has the stipulation that the combined ages of each doubles team is at least 100 years – not that the event should take 100 years to complete. I think some of the competitors were confused by this…

This year, the draws were split into an ‘A’ and ‘B’ category. It made the event a lot more competitive and satisfying for all concerned since it virtually eliminated any first round mismatches. There were only 3 results in the 2 categories combined that ended up 3-0.

For the B draw, top seeds Joe Moran [pictured right] and Andy Housey paired up (with a combined age of 100 exactly) and their ‘youth’ took them all the way to the final but not before a first round scare. Bob Garvey and Bob Bendzinski (total age: 111) stretched them to 5 games almost creating the upset, then the family Spohn team of Andrew and Earle (age: 103) couldn’t stop them in the semi final. The other finalists were the ‘oldest’ pairing in the draw – John Chouinard and John Conway (age: 119). The two Johns won their 2 previous rounds 3-1, knocking out the formidable pair of Sean Moran and Don Eugenio (age: 112) on the way. Moran / Housey had to work hard. Their opponents know the angles well, read the play effectively and take advantage of opportunities when they arise. In the end, their hard work paid off as they grabbed an impressive 3-1 victory.

The A draw was just as competitive. Going in as top seeds, the Stu Boynton / John Dunwoody (age: 117) pair looked tough to beat, but no one told Dan Follis and Mike Eugenio that (age: 118). In a surprising result, Dan and Mike snatched a 3-2 victory but then succumbed 3-0 in the next round to Mike Doyle and Bill Oddo (age: 105). Bill and Mike then had to tackle last year’s finalists and the 2008 tournament winners Bob Thibodeau and Bowden Brown (age: 116). Bob and Bowden are obviously a proven team and work productively together on the court. With just a little too much ‘court-sense’, they earned themselves another tournament win taking the match 3-1.


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