Monday, April 19, 2010


No one, but no one, beats the DAC 8 times in a row. Period.

Whatever black magic that club was using on us over the past few years, it seems it has finally worn off. Maybe it was voodoo since they managed to steer our doubles team to turn up at the wrong club, get changed, warm-up, and then wonder why no one else was there. (Or maybe our doubles team thought the “Cross Border Challenge” was a challenge to see who could actually cross the border..?) Believe it not, this has happened before – whatever spell they conjured up worked on Peter Logan as well back in September of 2006. John Dunwoody and Stu Boynton were the culprits this year, but at least their small ‘detour’ didn’t subtract from their performance on court. Red-faced, they still won 3-0.

It was becoming as likely for us to win this thing as it was for the Detroit Lions to win a Super Bowl, but whether it was the alignment of the planets, whether it was an act of God, or whether we all found our ‘mojo’ simultaneously, in simplistic terms: we stuffed ‘em!

In one of the more monumental moments of DAC history, the Windsor team didn’t have a hope. No mercy was handed out either. We won six of the matches 3-0 and wrapped up the trophy with a couple of matches to spare. In typical Windsor fashion, they had a couple of female players on their team with the sole purpose of distracting our members. [Pictured left: Kelly Zlotnik (WND) in purple with Kimberly Farnen (DAC) in black]. With a wonderful counter-move, I matched up Kimberly Farnen against one of their ‘diversions’, offsetting the advantage, and she won her match 3-0.

Unfortunately, their second ‘distraction’ had a mesmerizing affect on David Pontes and she beat him 3-0. [She is pictured left]. David still swears that although he lost his match, he ended up the biggest winner on the team. There are many who agree with him. Two of the matches went to 5. Bob Rogers (DAC) had a very tough win over Peter Wares 9-4 in the 5th, and Chuck Doyle (DAC) went down 9-7 in the 5th to Ted Jacobs. With Windsor snagging a couple of late results to make the score look a little more respectable, the final total was 9 matches to 5 in our favor.

The whole competition was played with a great spirit – but when you have a keg of Sam Adams at your disposal, it’s tough not to enjoy it! So, at least until September, we will have the Cross Border Trophy to relish. That gives Windsor about 5 months to reach the heights that we have obviously raised the bar to. Or, more likely, they can try to improve on their witchcraft potions…
My Preciousssss....


Dipika Pallikal said...

We're cultivating a few more "distractions" for you guys with our Ladies' Squash Program....
Ps- Enjoy the pity win, you most definitely have earned it!!!=

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