Saturday, April 3, 2010


Click on the photo below, then answer the question:

What happened to Greg’s racquets?

A) They are Harrow’s new flexible head racquets, specially designed for digging the ball out of the back corner.
B) Someone tried to steal his beer.
C) Ten minutes usage out of $170 racquets was more than enough. They simply wore out.
D) His squash bag is small, so he squashed them in.
E) He hit a tin. Obviously the racquets were faulty so he destroyed them.
F) He hit the ball so hard the frames could not handle the stress.

Answer: C) and E) (sort 0f)… Greg purchased these 2 racquets that lasted him approximately 10 minutes. After playing and losing his first game in… not so perfect squash… he took his frustrations out on his sticks. That’s $340 of mangled graphite. At least the beer calmed him down!


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