Thursday, April 8, 2010

Summer Squash League – JUST DO IT

I understand. I do. Once the summer hits, there is nothing like spending time outdoors. Especially when the winters are so harsh and long. But not to play squash at all? That, I don’t understand. Just to squeeze in that 1 or 2 hours a week to get yourself on the court, to at least keep you game up, keep your body moving, work off the calories you ingest on the golf course, will benefit you no end.

And, to make it easy, you could have one of those matches organized for you! I’ll arrange your partner, the time, the court, and then I’ll e-mail it to you every week! I’ll do everything except pick you up to get you here or play the match for you. (Actually, for a fee, I may even do that!) All you have to do is enter the Summer Squash League! Do yourself a favor.

The goal is to get 8 teams of 8 (64 players). I will sort out the teams myself – so you don’t even have to do that! ANY player of ANY level. You are all welcome. The first 64 entries will get priority, after that you will be placed on a sub list unless I get 72 registrations, then I’ll make 8 teams of 9, or 80 registrations for 8 teams of 10, and so forth…

The Summer League (free for all Blackballers) runs on the same basis as the Boasters League through the winter except it will be on Monday nights instead of Wednesday. Bonus points will still be counted as well. The season will be 7 rounds plus 2 rounds of finals. The top 4 teams will advance to the play-offs. It is scheduled to start on May 17, and end on July 26. (A keg will not be provided.)

Registration deadline is Friday, May 7 – or until full. Don’t miss out. Not playing over the summer months at all will hurt your game, your fitness, and you will be playing catch-up for the first half of the winter season.


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