Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What better way to spend a perfect weather Monday than on the squash courts… NOT! Unfortunately, every year, one week of the Summer League clashes with the 3B’s golf outing and every year squash loses out. I for one do not understand the attraction. I mean, spending all day in ideal sunny weather, drinking a few brewskis, playing a casual round of golf, enjoying the camaraderie with buddies… it doesn’t make sense! But, each to their own I suppose.

So I commend the 5 matches that actually took place, and the handful of other players who were missing opponents but decided to come down and pick up a game anyway. At least I’m not the only one without friends (just kidding!). The “Sour Grapes” took the hardest hit this week dropping from 2nd to 4th, as they only picked up 5 points since round 2 two weeks ago. “Blowing Raspberries” went one step better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) collecting only three points for the round and dropping to last on the standings; equal on points with the “Rotten Tomatoes”, but with less bonus points.

The “Pickled Onions” maintain their top spot (albeit by the bonus point tie-break) but may have a tough time getting their opponents to turn up next week. The “Cold Turkeys” have the least amount of bonus points in the league and three of their players haven’t played a match yet… time to get going lads!

Believe it or not, time is already running out to get matches in. With only 4 rounds to go, players have until July 13 (inclusive) to complete them.


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