Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There is an obvious lack of urgency from all the teams as the season winds down. Only four – yes, four – matches were played on Monday (plus 2 matches that were played ahead of time), and only 15 players (out of 64) turned up. Much of that had to do with: a) the perfect weather and b) the golf scramble at Forest Lake. Still, I think four matches is a record low and maybe the bottom three teams have already resigned themselves to the fact that they aren’t going to reach the finals (or don’t want to try…)

Of the 6 results handed in, four of them came from the same two teams. The “Cold Turkeys” and the “Fruit Loops” didn’t play any matches at all, but the “Fruit Loops” are still well within striking distance of 4th placed “Going Bananas”, just 3 points back. Next week is the Independence Day weekend, so the final round is not until July 12. Two weeks to get as many matches done as possible – with last’s night attendance, I now wonder (but am ever hopeful!) if players will take advantage.

Brandon Dobbins (“Pickled Onions”) has taken over as the league’s top point getter with 19. He is currently the only player in the league that has played all six rounds and remained undefeated. Brandon also has 5 out of a possible 6 bonus points as well – a true team player! Only Robert Welch (“Rotten Tomatoes”) and Mike McCuish (“Sour Grapes”) have collected all 6 bonus points.

The deadline to complete all the matches is July 13. Let’s make a worthy effort over the next 2 weeks.


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