Thursday, February 24, 2011


***UPDATE #2***

The second running of the McQueenie Cup has been decided. It will take place in Chicago at the University Club of Chicago from April 15-17. We are looking to take an 8-man team to travel with me to the Windy City.

Two players will be placed in each category - 5.0+; 4.5-4.9; 4.0-4.4; 3.5-3.9 - and play a knock-out draw with consolation. Points will be awarded to each club depending on how far in each draw each player gets. Doubles will be pick-up and for fun only and not count towards club totals.

Player entry fee is $75 - that includes a shirt, beer and sandwiches on Friday, bagels, coffe, and sandwiches on Saturday and a Saturday night function. Guests are allowed ($65 guest fee for the Saturday night function). If you are interested in playing and representing the DAC for the McQueenie Cup, please let me know and I can pass on special hotel rates at the University Club and the Union League Club which is four blocks away.


The 2010 McQueenie Cup has been cancelled due to some of the clubs struggling to field 8-man teams under such short notice. A new date / venue is yet to be decided. It maybe that we simply push it back to next November which will give all the clubs plenty of time to recruit players and may also be a chance for new NACAD clubs to get involved.

Does this mean we win by default...?

Remember about 12 months ago, the DAC swept the competition in a 4-club event but ended up in reality coming only second? (See: Toledo pilfered the spoils back then leaving most of us bewildered at how that could possibly happen. It’s water under the bridge, but now we have another chance to avenge the injustice that wronged us! (Nothing like poking fun at the Toledo Club!)

The McQueenie Cup has for some reason landed for a second straight year at the DAC. That’s good news and bad news – the bad being personal: I was hoping it would in Chicago since it’s such a great city and it would have been a wickedly fun weekend. The good news is that we again have home court advantage and can field a strong team to claim what is (ahem…obviously) ours.

Competition is scheduled for Friday, November 12 and Saturday, November 13. The format will take on a different look to the direct club versus club match-ups of last year. It will be a singles event only with only 4 knock-out draws. An A draw, a B draw, a C and a D. Two players from each club will be allowed to enter each draw (maximum 8 players). Points will be awarded to each player as they advance in the draws. (‘X’ amount of points for losing round 1; ‘Y’ amount of points for losing round 2; etc). There will be a consolation draw as well which will also count for points towards each club.

Now, as far as deciding what the tie-break will be if two clubs end up with the same amount of points? Good question, and I as far as I know it hasn’t been decided yet – maybe they’ll spin a racquet? Maybe Toledo will bring their 2-headed coin... tee-hee… snicker… Either way, it will be a clear cut rule… before we start!

Because the announcement of the event is so close to the playing date, the DAC team will need to be hand-picked by Rob Barr and myself. While all members are worthy to represent us, clearly all of you cannot play, so please do not take offense if you are not asked. There should be some great squash though and everybody is welcome to come on down and support! The keg will be at hand waiting for you!


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