Thursday, February 17, 2011


Boasters League round 7~~

For the first time on record (or what I can remember) a team picked up 100% of their bonus points. That’s 12. Including the three matches that were ‘self-scheduling’, every member of the “Speed Ballers” turned up. Only 5 of them played mind you, but now they find themselves 9 points on top of the ladder and virtually guaranteeing a finals berth. Another reason that the “Speed Ballers” have leapfrogged ahead of the pack is because of the week which was cancelled (round 5) due to the snow storm. They have made up half of those matches and have picked up more points than any other team for that round.

Not to be outdone (by much) were “Threepeat”. A captain’s fiery e-mail to his players inspired them to get bums on court. They didn’t manage all 12 bonus points, but picking up 10 is a decent effort and adding it to the 9 results handed in, they jumped from 7th to 4th and only 2 points off second placed “Mongoose”.

Now, one good week a season does not make. It will be interesting to see if these teams continue this momentum all the way through – including the play-offs. It will be difficult to beat any team if most of them are turning up on Wednesday and start the night with 10 or so points before a ball has even been struck.

Still lagging in last spot is “Delta Force” who appeared to have missed the memo. They picked up only 4 points last night – all of them bonus points – and are almost 30 points off 8th placed “The Underdogs” and 38 points of a play-off spot. Is their season done?

Mr. Daniels Walking” have the bye next week which could definitely hurt their chances for the finals as they are currently on the bubble. It is important they get many make-up matches completed over the next week. As you all know, March 3 is the deadline for all the scores. The finals schedule will be sent out on the morning of March 4. Take heed, any scores I receive after that cannot be counted.

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