Friday, February 11, 2011


Toledo Tournament March 4-6~~

Drinking shoes… check! Drinking shirt… check! Drinking pants… check! Beer goggles… check! Aspirin… check! Missing anything… oh bugger, my racquets!!

Sixty quick minutes down the I-75 is the Toledo Squash Club. Their annual squash tournament is set for March 5 - 7, an event in which the party side is just as much of an attraction (if not more) than the squash side. The first night of the event is highlighted by the hired help that bring you the beer. I know much has been mentioned about this, so I won’t harp on it except to say that the beer never tasted so good. The Saturday night is the traditional summer party at the club with a live band which always attracts a large crowd dancing and guzzling the evening away.

The squash is played on the old North American hardball courts. Or, better known as, shoe boxes. Two and a half feet narrower (doesn’t sound much, but that’s a lot), they are quirky little containers which throws your squash way off as you try to overcome claustrophobia and figure out new angles, tactics, and movement. Honestly though, as ugly as that sounds, it adds another factor to this event that makes it unique and appealing. It’s that one weekend a year of who can adapt the best and quickest.

This will be my 7th trip to the tournament and it would be fantastic if a handful of DAC members could join me. It isn’t far away, a good time is guaranteed, and you would be supporting squash in the area which is what keeps the sport growing. On top of that, you would also gather some much needed tournament experience – something all of us could use. Click on the poster (although the poster claims to be the “best value for tournament squash in the country”, it doesn’t come close to beating the DAC Classic!) and the entry form above, it has all the registration details plus the contact for the tournament hotel which is only a few minutes from the club. Registration deadline is February 25.

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