Monday, September 12, 2011


With just under one month to go before the Boasters League season commences, it is already full with 108 players. That of course gives me more time to sort everyone out into playing levels but it doesn’t really make that job any easier. It actually gives me more time to question myself. At least sorting out the number 1 players in every team was simple enough. The league has received a huge boost from the handful of members who decided to play the league that normally wouldn’t – I’m talking about those who are ranked high up in the club. (Players such as George Kordas, Paul Doherty and Mark Gregory just to name a few.) They agreed to step in and support for which everybody should be extremely thankful. It boosts the overall level of the league and it is great chance to watch them more often.

Like every season, we have received oodles of new faces. This year, we have 28 of them! I’m not sure if that’s a record, but it must be close. Some of the players are new-old faces, members who have been M.I.A. for a few seasons and for various reasons but have come back with renewed enthusiasm, some are not new members to the club but are new to squash or the league, and some who are brand new DAC members altogether. On those grounds, it made the task of ranking everybody a long and tedious one. I have no doubt made a couple of “oopsies!” along the way but I suppose that’s to be expected.

Paul Huth was the winning captain last season after he managed to knock-off Justin Winkelman’s team in a close fought final. It was the end to Patrick Petz’s winning streak who is of course as eager as ever to make amends after his quest for a three-peat was thwarted in the semi-finals. The first chance to pick up points for your team will be to attend the Referee Clinic on Thursday, September 22. Anyone who is registered in the league and attends the clinic in its entirety will receive 1 point for their team. It would be nice to start the season off with 12 extra points, wouldn’t it?

No new rules have been implemented into the league for this season, however there was much discussion regarding the ‘bonus point’ rule. As you know, you are awarded one ‘bonus point’ for your team if you turn up on the scheduled Wednesday whether you played your match or not (so long as your team does not have the ‘bye’ week). The reason behind the rule was simple – it was to encourage everybody to come on Wednesdays and play and / or socialize. Unfortunately, some people were taking advantage. Not breaking the rule, but sort of bending it a little. Too often, a player would run into the building, mark their name off as being here to collect the point, then leave immediately. Or, if they were bowling in the dungeon, make a quick trip upstairs to do the same. That really defeated the purpose. They were in fact cases where a player would rearrange the match to different day, but then still run in to collect the bonus point while their opponent (who would otherwise be here) stayed home since they didn’t have a match.

Since it is impossible to police, the onus falls on you to abide by the correct etiquette when collecting bonus points. There is no time limit of how long you need to be here, but use common sense. If you do not have a match and walk in for a very short appearance, then please don’t claim the point. If you hang out for a while, drink a beer, socialize, then sure, take one. I think bonus points are important but they shouldn’t be used as a winning tactic.

Another way to encourage you to come on Wednesdays, the doubles court will be reserved between 5-7pm every week for pick-up-mix-and-match games. This is for anyone who wants to snag a few doubles games or if you are new and are keen to learn, just jump on and let the members help you!

Draft night is September 28. The league gets going on October 5. Better start working off the rust now!

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