Thursday, January 26, 2012


Boasters League round 4~~

Not that there isn’t enough time to catch up (although round 9 is only 5 weeks away and we all know how fast that can go…) but does it already appear that the top three teams are set? “Old Shillelagh”, “Town Pump”, and “The Tap Bar” – 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively – increased their lead over the chasing pack. It looks like that unless players start getting their acts together and start making up matches, the remaining 6 teams will be fighting for the last 3 play-off spots.

In fact, I could narrow that field down to 5 teams when looking at last placed “Jacoby’s” who dropped from 7th last week and are now a painful 15 points behind 8th. Given, they had the bye this week, but collecting only 4 points in make-up matches over the week simply doesn’t cut it. They need to be hunting down the 6th placed team – an enormous 23 points ahead.
Rich Stimson

There were a number of close contests last night. Ken MacDonald (“Old Shillelagh”) cannot be terribly pleased going down 2-1 to Rich Stimson (“Vivio’s”), and to rub it in a little more it must be mentioned that it wasn’t only Rich’s first win of the season, but first time he had won a game. Joe Schaden (“Anchor”) survived 2-1 over Mark Monaghan (“Town Pump”) – or maybe it would be more appropriate to say Mark survived as I saw blood trickling down his knee as he exited the court, no doubt from one of his signature desperado dives. Sante Fratarcangeli (“O’Blivions”) was scratching his head even though he took the wily Joe Moran (“1st Place Lounge”) 2-1 over his astonishment at Joe’s court coverage – Joe is 62 and reads the play rather well!

Next week, “The Tap Bar” will have to sit on the side lines and watch the teams attempt to catch up. Actually, the one and only saving grace for the teams outside the top 3, is that the teams in it all still have to endure the bye week. I know it’s a little early, but make a note anyway- the deadline to play your matches is March 1 (inclusive).

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