Thursday, January 5, 2012


Boasters League round 1~~

The first week back after the holiday break is always a little iffy. Players can be somewhat skeptical at how they are going to perform after no doubt indulging themselves waaaay too much for the past couple of weeks. I realized it was tough for many to pass up those Christmas cookies as I did see a few ‘muffin tops’ wobbling around on court, quite a few hands on knees, excessive labored breathing, and tomato-red faces. Naturally, what didn’t change was the partaking of the keg. New Year’s Resolutions don’t go that far.

A common theme I was hearing after many of the matches was, “I’m (pant… pant…) rusty (pant… pant…)”. Squash is not like riding a bike. Without consistent focused practice, it is all too easy to fall into those innate bad habits, and all too difficult to figure out how to stop it. Taking a couple weeks rest can be all it takes to find yourself miss-hitting, miss-timing, unable to read the play, sucking wind after only one decent rally, and of course losing a match you normally wouldn’t.

Old Shillelagh” started the season in the best possible way. By turning up and collecting 10 bonus points, and then playing 8 matches as well. That’s not to say that their team was training hard during the holidays rather than spoiling their appetites, but it goes hand in hand that when you turn up and play, you will be rewarded! “Town Pump” did well on the bonus point front too picking up 9, but they only completed 5 matches.

The “O’Blivions” find themselves in unfamiliar territory in 5th place (rather than last). But it’s hardly time to get excited about that. One, it’s only round 1, and two, they are only 2 points from 8th spot, and three, they have the ‘bye’ next week.

We are off and running. Try and get your matches in on time, do not let them pile up. Remember, only the top 6 teams will advance to the finals.

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