Thursday, January 19, 2012


Boasters League round 3~~

For a Wednesday league, it’s rather odd that the majority of the matches are played on every other day except Wednesdays. I am sure I’m not the only one who is scratching their heads wondering why people are avoiding the scheduled evening. The keg is there. The courts are ready. It’s social. Incredibly, 6 of the 8 teams picked up more points by turning up last night, than actually winning games. So people are there too. I’m rather stumped.

On a happier note, a couple of the captains are actually raising the bar on team spirit. Perfect. Patrick Petz’ team – “Town Pump” - all received t-shirts (or will when they all turn up) and Rich Stimson’s team – “Vivio’s” – received (or will receive) embroidered headbands. Team “Vivio’s” also have at their disposal a night in the bar they represent which will be on the house. Yes! Free drinks for the team members. Now that’s team building! Just don’t pick a Wednesday night to do it… Hopefully the other captains can come up with some type of gimmick for their players too.

With so few matches completed, the standings look more like Summer League numbers and the Summer League is half the size. It’s time for everybody to suck it up and get cracking with their opponents. “Old Shillelagh” holds a commanding 14 point lead over “Town Pump” and on the opposite side of the ladder, “Anchor” is last. However, the team that should most be worried is “Jacoby’s”. They are only 5 points ahead of “Anchor” and have the bye next week. It will be very easy for them to slip into the abyss and be left far, far behind.

Believe it not it’s already round 4 next week – almost half way through… tick-tock…tick-tock…

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