Thursday, November 8, 2012


Boasters league round 6 ~~

Despite sitting on the side lines for round 6, the “Butter Nutz” still holds a double digit lead atop of the standings. “Winky-Dinks” and “Wardogs” – who played each other – did catch up a little and still have a chance to make up the difference in the final three weeks of the first half. There was only one change in the standings this week. “Mercedes” picked up a league best 32 points over the week to jump from 7th to 5th and only 2 points off 4th. They did not have a huge night yesterday, but played a handful of make-up matches in the week.

The teams going in the opposite direction have a lot of work to do. “WallEED” scored more bonus points than match points yesterday – and only 3 of their players turned up. They are currently 7th but not far off the teams above them however they cannot afford to continue on their current trend. From round to round, they have played less and less matches. And they have the bye for next week.

Team “Destiny” has destined themselves it seems to the cellar. They have been there since round 4 and have made no apparent effort to climb out of it. They have only accumulated 14 points in the previous 2 rounds, a season lowest 13 bonus points overall. It’s not as if they are being outclassed – they actually have won more matches than they have lost, it’s simply a matter of hardly playing many of them!

We had a battle of the undefeated in the number 1 position last night with Paul Ward (“Wardogs”) and Manny Tancer (“Winky-Dinks”) going at it. Both are runners and can last half the night, so the match was full of long points. Paul eventually took a 2-1 victory and is now the only player on the 117 long list that has played all of his matches so far and hasn’t lost.

Peter Ulbrich (“Vivio’s”) is starting to shake off the cobwebs as he picked up his first win of the season with a 2-1 win over John Conway (“Mongoose”). Jon Walton (“Mercedes”) scored a tough 2-1 victory over the awkward switch-hitting style of Sean Moran (“Foss-ters”) and Bruce Shaw (“Mercedes”) clocked up his third 2-1 win of the season over Mike Rock (“Foss-ters”).

There are 3 rounds to go with a ‘rest’ day the week of Thanksgiving. A ton of matches need to be played, you all have until December 7 (inclusive) to play them. My recommendation is not to wait until that particular day…

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