Thursday, November 29, 2012


Boasters League round 8~~

With one week to go before the half way mark, the only changes to the standings came from the bottom four teams. “Destiny” decided to put up their best showing all season picking up 25 points that included 9 bonus points (3 more than their next best effort). They played the “Wardogs” last night who are third, and with 10 of 13 matches completed, beat them. It just goes to show the real parity of the league if everyone starts to turn up and play. In fact, of those 10 matches, 9 of them went 2-1. “Destiny” was rewarded by jumping clear of the cellar to 7th place. If only they had this commitment from week one.

Vivio’s” also moved up one spot from last round to 6th and are closing in on “Mongoose” who only picked up 5 points last night – all bonus points. In all likelihood they will catch “Mongoose” who have the round 9 bye and need to rely on makeup matches from here on in.

Losers in the standings were the idle “Foss-ters” who only picked up 6 points in the past 14 days, and “WallEED” who matched their season low 3 bonus points and have only 2 results in for the round. These 2 teams play each other next week, it will be interesting to see how many of them grace the court.

There were many 2-1 results this week. JB Peabody (“Mercedes”) and Chuck Doyle (“Butter Nutz”) looked like they played 17 games instead of 3, as bodies were doubled over, leaning on walls, and sitting on floors. Chuck took the honors in that contest. Josh Slominski (“Butter Nutz”) got past one of his nemeses Tom Fabbri (“Mercedes”) 2-1; Nick Petcoff (“Wardogs”) picked up his first victory of the season 2-1 over Dan Honer (“Destiny”); and Tom Delaney (“Winky-Dinks”) fought through for his 4th win of the half over Bill Seymour (“Vivio’s”).

There is 8 days to go before the deadline. I am sure to be asked to extend it, but please save yourself the e-mail. December 7 is the day. No excuses. Don’t forget I will be adjusting the teams at the half way mark based on your first half results. Get cracking. There are plenty of matches to be done. Mathematically, any team can still end up on top of the standings by next Friday… the odds of some of those teams doing so are probably similar to last night Power Ball… can’t believe I didn’t win that…

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