Friday, November 16, 2012


Boasters league round 7~~

Once again there is little change to the standings after week 7. “Mercedes” was one of two teams that made a positive move jumping up one spot to 4th. The other team was “Vivio’s” who catapulted themselves from 8th to 7th moving ahead of the stationary “WallEED”. Last placed “Destiny” inched closer to that 8th spot but it does appear they are fated to stay there.

Butter Nutz” yet again set the example to the rest of the league that it’s all about playing matches. With 8 of 13 of them completed this round (against last placed “Destiny”), winning 6 of them, and collecting 7 bonus points, they increased their lead on top of the standings to 17 points. “Winky-Dinks” tried to keep pace but playing only 6 matches won’t cut it. With 2 rounds to play for this half, it is tough to bet against “Butter Nutz” from staying on top.

There were many close matches on Wednesday. Brien Baker (“Vivio’s”) put an end to Paul Ward’s (“Wardogs”) undefeated streak taking him 2-1; Sante Fratarcangeli (“Butter Nutz”) held off fellow captain Joe Bobzin (“Destiny”) 2-1, which was Joe’s first match of the season so hopefully he will be able to squeeze in the rest of them very quickly; Al Iafrate (“Winky-Dinks”) enjoyed his day at the office and showing off his improved court movement taking down Patrick Petz (“Mercedes”) 2-1; and Hans Flick (“Destiny”) managed to sneak over Kevin Prather (“Butter Nutz”) 2-1 to keep his winning record intact at 4 and 0.

The deadline to play all of the matches is December 7. Everybody can ‘rest’ up next week as the league takes a turkey break and Thanksgiving takes over our lives for a couple of days. But it will be best opportunity for you all to get some much needed make up matches completed. Once the first half is done, I will be looking over everybody’s win / loss record and make some adjustments by moving players up or down. The goal is to make the league as competitive as possible and while I will do my best to keep you on your current team, some “trading” will be inevitable. All teams will start at scratch for the second half.

Don’t forget that I also track everybody’s individual total points. At the end of the season the “All Star” team will be announced. The All Star team consists of the highest point getters from each level. That total includes your bonus points. It is just another way to encourage you to play as much as you possibly can.

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