Thursday, January 17, 2013


Boasters League round 2~~

You know? The team captained by Rich Stimson? The team that won the Boasters League title last year? The team that lingered for the entire first half of this season in the bottom half of the standings? Well, they’re baaa-aaack! At least for this week. Playing against Rich’s arch nemesis, Patrick Petz and his squad “Mercedes”, the two teams completed 10 of 13 matches for round 2 – 4 more than any other team -  and each picked up 8 bonus points – also a week’s best.

The catapulted “Vivio’s” from 5th to 1st. It also catapulted “Mercedes” from 9th to 8th, which doesn’t sound like much, but considering “Mercedes” had the week one bye, it’s significant. Each team won 5 matches each, and in the result of the two captains, Rich won this particular battle 3-0 over Patrick – albeit in 3 close games. In other results, Elliot Shafer (“Mercedes”) jumped up 3 spots for the second half, but didn’t miss a step as he took care of Shail Arora (“Vivio’s”) 3-0; Peter Ulbrich is starting to find old form taking a 2-1 victory over Jon Walton, and Jerry Solomon proved too wily for Bill Rivard taking a 2-1 triumph.

Struggling out of the gate in 2013 is “Foss-ters” and “Wardogs”. They played only 1 match last night and between them only picked up 11 points – 8 of them bonus points. They will find themselves with an enormous mountain to climb in order to avoid being eliminated from the play-offs unless they start to get on court.

The much hyped about match of the week (not!) was between Sante Fratarcangeli (“Butter Nutz”) and Dave Devine (“WallEED”). It was 1 game all when I left them upstairs, Dave coming off the court with a little fist pump having taken the second game. His momentum clearly couldn’t be kept when 15 minutes later the 2 of them walked into my office – Sante’s wide grin on his face was all I needed to see. Dave’s fist was now nursing a beer.

Week 3 of the league is also the night of the second Blackballer Dividend. Matches will only be scheduled from 4.30pm to 7pm. All other matches are listed as self schedule so many of you will have some arranging to take care of. Make sure you do. Especially if you are a “Foss-ter” or “Wardog”. It will too late too quickly for you if you don’t.

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