Friday, January 25, 2013


Many years ago, before my time started at the DAC, when my hair was fuller and darker, when the Detroit Lions were the laughing stock of the NFL... (well, time can’t fix everything…) the finals of the Doubles Club Championship for all the court sports used to be held on the night of the third Blackballer Dividend. It has been decided by the powers that be, that we will be returning to tradition.
Doubles Club Championship night is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20. It is only for the top category of squash and handball that will be playing – the ‘A’ draw. The ‘B’ and ‘C’ squash doubles draws will begin competition on March 11, with the final for those 2 categories scheduled for April 17.

In case that sounds confusing, here is the doubles club championship schedule:

Doubles A: Starts February 19. Final set for March 20.
Doubles B and C: Starts March 11. Final set for April 17.

You can enter now for any of the categories. For the B and C groups, there is plenty of time to search for your appropriate partner. However, I wouldn’t exactly be exercising patience in this case. Confirm your partner quickly.

When entering, do so with a confirmed partner. Please do not e-mail me with “I’m in. I’ll let you know who my partner is later”. That really doesn’t help. Also, make sure you enter the appropriate category. Nobody wants to play a sandbagger. I will move teams around if I see you are in the incorrect level.

Organizing your matches. Each match will have a deadline for completion. We cannot afford to fall behind. If you are planning to be away for a significant amount of time during the dates of the event, I suggest you do not enter. When I send out the draw, make sure that you immediately contact the other 3 players to arrange a time to play. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait for the others to contact you. Be pro-active. Not having a match completed by the given deadline may result in both teams being defaulted. Be flexible with your schedule.

All matches are best of 5 games. There will be no consolation draw. In accordance with the expectation of behavior at the DAC, all players will be fully respectful of their partners and opponents. Be sensible with the ‘let’ calling, avoid arguments, and above all, safety first. Any disagreements on interference calls shall be automatic ‘lets’.

Registration deadline for the A draw will be February 13.
Registration deadline for the C and B draws will be March 6.

With the increase in doubles participation over the past 12 months or so, this should be a very competitive event!

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