Thursday, February 7, 2013


Boasters League round 5~~

The “Butter Nutz” have spoken. It’s a pretty loud and clear declaration that they will be the ones to beat for the 2012-2013 Boasters League title. In a match-up with one of the other top 4 teams yesterday – the “Winky-Dinks” - the “Butter Nutz” opened a large can of kick-$@&* and squarely delivered knock-out blows all evening long. With 8 matches completed, they won seven of them – four of which were 3-0. None more impressive than Andy Adamo’s 3-zip win over Manny Tancer. And it wasn’t as if Manny didn’t play well - Andy played his best squash of the season, which is perfect timing leading into next week’s DAC Classic.

On the broken record of repeating myself, the bottom four teams also kept to the script. In fact, between the four of them, they picked up as many points last night combined as the “Butter Nutz” did on their own! Clearly that won’t get the job done. Maybe they are fighting not to get into the play-offs?

The closest match of the evening went to Andrew Tignanelli’s (“Butter Nutz”) win over Niko Ahee (“Winky-Dinks”). It was 3-0, but 15-13; 15-14; 15-14. Obviously Niko was disappointed not to pick up at least one of those games if not all three! Xander Wagner (“Butter Nutz”) scored his 3rd win of the half with a 2-1 victory over Britt-Marie Olofsson (“Winky-Dinks”) and Dan Houlf (“Mercedes”) recorded his first win with a 2-1 triumph over Tom Bergh (“Mongoose”).

With four rounds to go – and yes, there is league next week, the day before the DAC Classic starts – it appears the standings may already be determined for the 6-team play-offs… or at least 4 of the teams look safe. “Butter Nutz” will be sitting out next week, but with a 17 point lead may still be league leaders anyway. The bottom two teams play each other as well and could really help themselves out with some commitment to play the matches and turn up. If not, they will most likely find the hurdle to catch up too big.

I will leave you with a photo from bubbly BMO who snapped a few shots last night of posing members. The first one is Peter Shumaker gnashing his teeth and threatening to knock out yours. But not to worry, he is after all a dentist.

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