Thursday, February 14, 2013


Boasters League round 6~~

It’s a hole that at least to me, looks way too deep to dig out of. Like dooms day preppers, “WallEED” have entrenched themselves solidly in the cellar, barricaded the entrance, set up camp, and appear to have no intention of ever finding daylight. Being only 15 points off the 6th (and last) finals berth doesn’t sound all that disastrous, but considering there are only 3 rounds left and they have the bye next week, we could be saying ‘bye-bye’ to them relatively soon. They have “WallEED” themselves into a corner. (You know I’ve been waiting all season long to release that gem…)

The other team on the precipice is “Foss-ters” Currently 7th, they have the bye week in round 8 to look forward to which very possibly could be the nail in their coffin for the season as well. These two teams have an awful lot of work to do if they want to salvage anything. And we may as well throw “Destiny” into that mix, although they have already had their bye week, but playing catch-up from 8th is not a position you want to be in.

It was a quiet night on the courts for round 6 and I’m guessing it was because of the DAC Classic starting today. People are resting up before the big weekend. However, it did not stop the “Winky-Dinks” from collecting 10 bonus points – one more point than they collected on the court. A couple tough results to mention: Rich Stimson (“Vivio’s”) hustled his way to a 2-1 win over Paul Huth (“Mongoose”), as did Bruce Vande Vusse (“Mongoose”) over Jay Poplawski (“Vivio’s”). Anthony KalogeridisWinky-Dinks” picked up his first victory of the season beating Blake Kenny (“Wardogs”) 2-1; and Paul Flanagan (“Destiny”) held off the awkward style of Andy Housey (“WallEED”) for a 2-1 triumph.

With 3 weeks to play before the finals start, questions are raised: Can “WallEED”, “Destiny” and “Foss-ters” make a concerted effort to avoid elimination? Who will end up on top of the standings? Will Sante’s “Butter Nutz” ask him to stop wearing inside-out tracksuit pants? What was the best thing before sliced bread? Much to contemplate.

Most importantly, take note of your deadline to have all the scores in to me: Thursday, March 7 (inclusive). That’s 3 weeks away.

I leave you with another photo from BMO’s pics from last week. This one is of Brittany Paquette attacking the keg. Probably something we’ll see a lot of over the next 4 days. (And not just from Brittany!)

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