Wednesday, March 27, 2013


McQueenie Cup April 12-14~~

Ahhh, the lure of the Windy City. As I’ve mentioned before, the reason for the increase of squash participation at the DAC has a lot to do with the social side. You play, you socialize. A simple, killer formula. Add to that formula the excitement of Chicago nightlife and all of a sudden you have a combination that should be illegal! And if we’re not careful, it may end up being.

The McQueenie Cup is now in its 4th year. For the third year in a row, the stunning University Club of Chicago will be hosting the event. I think it’s the perfect venue – central, great court area overlooking Lake Michigan from 11 stories up, and it’s Chicago. Our members think it’s perfect too. A weekend away to play squash and socialize. In the words of the great Homer Simpson… “Mmmmmmm…. Chi—ca--go…

Tour Guide Patrick Petz.
We're in good hands...
The DAC team is made up of 8 players. Two at each level: A, B. C, and D. More members signed up to play than spots available, so we did have to have a couple of play-offs to see who would represent us. Earning their rightful position on the DAC roster are: A – John Rakolta and Eric Green; B – Anthony Fracchia and Derek Aguirre; C – Brien Baker and Paul Ward; D – Sante Fratarcangeli and Elliot Shafer. But we cannot forget our two coaches. Not just squash coaches, but life coaches as well: Patrick Petz and Rich Stimson! Patrick and Rich will be joining us for full support, cheering and beering squad, and passing on any and all important tips for a successful weekend… careful what we wish for, right?

Our luck in the McQueenie Cup has not been all that terrific. We came second in the first year, although we beat every other club, but somehow that didn’t count so we lost… it was complicated. We came third in year two with an excellent chance of winning as first place came down to the final 2 matches of the weekend (very close and exciting!) and we got completely steamrolled last year as the University Club of Chicago butchered everyone with an overly strong contingent. Not that it mattered, we ended up 4th anyway.

It will be a tough assignment for our team to take home the McQueenie Cup Trophy this year. But I am sure we are up to the task. We are a deeper team, and the name of the game is consistency. We will no doubt perform admirably on court, but even if we aren’t able to display the trophy in Detroit for the year to come, the DAC – like every year – will certainly win the socializing award.

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