Monday, March 11, 2013


Boasters League final round~~

As anticipated, nothing changed over the final week in regards to which teams were going to make the play-offs. The only change in the standings came from “Mongoose” who was tied for first place last week but because of the round 9 bye, dropped to 4th. “Destiny” did make it interesting however, since last week they were 20 points off 6th placed “Wardogs” and with many make-up matches over the final 7 days, came within 4 points of pulling off the unlikely upset.

Winky-Dinks” and “Butter Nutz” earn the first round bye for the finals, something you could hardly argue about when looking over the stats for the second half. Even though court usage this year has been off the charts, league participation was clearly less than the first half. I have no idea why that would be the case – it’s not as if people aren’t playing. Like every year, I like to share with you the data of the league:

·         Overall, 63% of matches were played. That’s down 13% from the first half.
·         Winky-Dinks” played the most matches – 73%. They won 50% of those matches.
·         Foss-ters” played the least amount of matches – 49%. They won 69% of those matches. That’s the league’s best winning percentage.
·         WallEED” had the worst winning percentage with 27%
·         WallEED” picked up 25% of their second half total in round 1. Only 4 of their players scored more than 10 points overall – including bonus points. Every single player in “Winky-Dinks” scored more than 10 points.
·         Winky-Dinks” also picked up the most bonus points – 74. The same amount they picked up in the first half. The next best team with bonus points was “Butter Nutz” with 59. Again, the same amount as in the first half.
·         Foss-ters” picked up the least amount of bonus points – 29. The most bonus points they picked up in any week was 5. The least amount of bonus points “Winky-Dinks” picked up in any week was 6.
·         Six players picked up all 8 bonus points. They were 8 in the first half.
·         Six players played all of their matches. There were 26 in the first half.
·         Only Tom MacEachern (“Mercedes”) played all 8 matches and was undefeated.
·         12 players didn’t pick up any bonus points. 8 of those players come from the bottom 2 teams.
·         No team played all 13 matches in any one round.
·         Three players on “Mercedes” are responsible for 44% of the team’s total.
·         The most points any team scored in one round was “Mongoose” with 32 in round 1.
·         The least amount of points in one round was scored by “WallEED” in round 9 with 3.

In individual honors, the All Star team represents 6 of the 9 teams. Each of the All Stars picked up at least 5 bonus points in the second half of the season, and played most of their matches – which is the only way you’re going to win this honor. The points are a full season accumulation – which means the first half has been added to their total. Introducing the All Stars:

Tom MacEachern
1.      Manny Tancer (“Winky-Dinks”) – 48 points
2.      Paul Huth (“Mongoose) – 34 points
3.      Sante Fratarcangeli (“Butter Nutz”) – 43 points
4.      Elliot Shafer (“Mercedes”) -  48 points
5.      Tom Healy (“Winky-Dinks”) – 46 points
6.      Chuck Doyle (“Butter Nutz”) – 46 points
7.      Brian Bartes (“Vivio’s”) – 39 points
8.      Ted Morris (“Mercedes”) – 44 points
9.      Matt Hayduk (“Mercedes”) – 30 points
10.  Tom MacEachern (“Mercedes”) – 54 points
11.  Chris Moyer (Butter Nutz”) – 45 points
12.  Hans Flick (“Destiny”) – 44 points
13.  Bill Rivard (“Vivio’s”) – 34 points

Congratulations to the players for putting the effort in all season long.

Now it’s the business end. Head-to-head match ups. Winners moves on, losers have to wait until next year. It’s more important than ever to collect those bonus points, and obviously play the matches. Predictions? I’m going to plead the 5th on this one, in case I upset anyone. Maybe one of you would like to put your neck on the line instead?

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