Thursday, November 14, 2013


Boasters League round 7~~

Winky-Dinks” are in the prime position to take the first round honors. With 2 rounds to play, they are one point of league leaders “Butter Nutz” and 16 points ahead of third placed “Foss-Nation”. The advantage, however, lies squarely with the “Winky-Dinks” as they are the only team of the three that has already had the bye week.

There are plenty of make-up matches that al teams can play, but it is unlikely that either of the teams will make up the difference. Especially the way “Winky-Dinks” continue to pour on the bonus points. Another 13 last night, 3 more than the next best, giving them 62 so far on the season, and averaging over 12 per week – remarkable.

Better news at the other end of the standings with the last placed “The Kampai Warriors” closing the gap on the rest of the field. Last week, they were 35 points from 4th place. This week – 22. With a strong finish, they may avoid a first half wooden spoon. Their immediate target is “Vivio’s”, who are only 7 points ahead… that equates to 3 wins…

Activity was high last night. A full crowd fighting for court space is a good “problem” to have, and a difficult one to solve. Remember, the scheduled matches have priority. Please be courteous to your fellow members. Nor is it a very nice thing to kick off a match half-way through if your court time comes up. Let them finish their match first. Waiting an extra 10-15 minutes won’t kill you.

One of the most hyped up matches of the season so far was John Mann (“Foss-Nation”) versus Jason Trombley (“Butter Nutz”). This epic battle reached the social media. It was all over facebook, cyber space was abuzz with anticipation. And they weren’t disappointed. A close 2-1 contest - as expected since these two play each other regularly – had Jason putting John in his humble place.

Other worthy results: Paul Ward (“Wardogs”) taking down Blake Ellis (“Winky-Dinks”) 2-1 after Paul rolled off the final 4 points of the 3rd game when it was 11-all; Alan Howard (“Busting Rails”) provided a little too much power for Anil Kathuria (“Mongoose”) to handle with a 2-1 win; and special mention to Julia Dillon (“The Kampai Warriors”) for getting her first win of the season with a solid 3-0 performance. Another special mention must go to Julia’s husband – Shaun. Shaun unfortunately snapped his Achilles tendon a couple of weeks ago playing his league match. We all know how long it takes to recover from that – Shaun is well on the way – but it’s great to see him here on Wednesdays anyway having a couple of beers supporting the program. Cheers, mate!

Two rounds to play. Three weeks to play them. There is no league the week of Thanksgiving, so that’s a perfect chance to get some make-up games in. Deadline to have everything completed: December 6.

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