Thursday, February 13, 2014


Boasters League round 6~~

It’s not unusual that after the DAC Classic, players tend to experience a little “squash hangover” and the following week is a lighter one in terms of participation. (Not to be confused with the normal “hangover” brought on by a slight over indulgence of a certain beverage!) Nevertheless, players seem to have been extra motivated by the weekend and court usage has been healthy. Quite a few matches were completed yesterday which helped all the teams (except the one with the bye) and because of that there was only one change in the standings: “Wardogs” swapped positions with “Mongoose” to currently occupy the final play-off spot. (“Mongoose” was the team with the bye). In fact, the least amount of bonus points picked up yesterday was 6 – no prize for guessing which team had the most.

The good news is the bottom three teams closed the gap to that last play-off position. Cellar dwellers “The Kampai Warriors” were 28 points back of that spot last week, now they are only 12. Keep that trend up and the fight for 6th should be an interesting one. “Butter Nutz” have increased their lead at the top and are sitting pretty 12 points ahead of “Foss Nation”. It’s important to remember, however, that these two teams still have a bye week to endure.

Some match highlights of round 6:
Jerry Rock (“Butter Nutz”) once again was in pinpoint form with his snow producing lobs and feather brushing drop shots as he frustrated poor Arnaud Mangin (“The Kampai Warriors”) for a 2-1 win. Jason Massey (“Wardogs”) hustled his way to a 2-1 victory over John Mann (“Foss Nation”) with every game ending up only a couple of points difference. Kevin Kennedy (“The Kampai Warriors”) got revenge on Cathy Lysack (“Butter Nutz”) as he scraped through with a 2-1 win this half, another run fest for the two players. And Mike Rock (“Foss Nation”) dropped only his second game of the half as he beat Steve Murphy (“Wardogs”) 2-1.

There are 3 rounds to play. As a reminder, the deadline to complete any and all matches is Thursday March 6. No extensions will be given. So if you want your season to extend a little longer, I suggest you start contacting your opponents and start making up your missed matches. And captains: start cattle prodding your team to do so!!

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