Thursday, February 6, 2014


Boasters League round 5~~

I swear Detroit has been picked up and flung squarely on top of Montreal. My days living in that city are filled with wonderful memories, but nothing left a scar more than the freezing temperatures and the amount of snow we had to put up with. It was amazing my tiny 4-door manual Hyundai back then started every morning without fail, and never got stuck. I left a little earlier last night as I knew I had to clear our driveway of the daily dumping we seem to be getting these days. I tried to navigate up the driveway in my lovely mid-sized Kia sedan to our garage – and got stuck. I was shocked at just how deep the snow actually was. My thoughts turned desperate until I eventually freed myself, but then I thanked the person whoever is responsible for the almighty mess, that the storm didn’t hit today – the day of the Classic. Consequently, I was not surprised by the low turnout yesterday for the league.

That being said, I don’t know what Justin Winkelman was smoking yesterday, but I saw an e-mail he sent to his team asking them not to make the effort to get to the DAC for their bonus points. Could he be getting soft??!! No point risking yourselves driving through Siberia for that. However, I also don’t know if there was some hidden message in their either. Kind of like when your significant other says, “Sure, go out with the boys all night drinking to the strip club. I’ll be fine on my own.” Because 10 “Winky-Dinks” turned up anyway. For the record – Justin stayed home.

There weren’t many shakers or movers over the week. In fact, the only change happened at the bottom of the ladder where “Busting Rails” went from last to 8th, pushing “The Kampai Warriors” into the cellar. The top four teams are now pulling away and the last three teams are falling behind. Could the final six already be decided?

There were a couple of tough matches played last night. Patrick Petz (“Paddy’s Dropshots”) has timed it almost perfectly to hit form just before the tournament as he picked up his first win for the half taking Kevin Kennedy (“The Kampai Warriors”) 2-1. To celebrate his win, Patrick jumped on the Handball court for the Commissioners tournament and won that match too. Multi-talented. Scott Langenburg (“Wink-Dinks”) kept his perfect record alive with a 2-1 victory over Tom MacEachern (“Mongoose”) and Glen Milligan (“The Kampai Warriors”) succumbed 3-0 to Margi Scholtes (“Paddy’s Dropshots”) as she scores her first win of the half. Glen said he was simply out played. You were out dressed too.

Believe it or not, we are over the half way mark. Only 4 rounds to play. So, time is running short, and you all have until Thursday March 6 to complete any and all matches. Remember, the last 3 teams are eliminated, the top 6 teams move on to the finals. 

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