Monday, February 24, 2014


Blitz Tournament - Friday, March 14

One Blitz, two Blitz, red Blitz, blue Blitz
Black Blitz, brown Blitz, old Blitz, new Blitz
This Blitz will be full of stars
What a lot of Blitz’ there are!

Some are fast, some are slow
Some are tall, some didn’t grow
Some hit long, some hit short
But all of you will sweat on court!

There are some who like to run
They run for fun until they’re done
And there are some who like to drink
They drink in a blink no need to think

Play some games in groups of four
But with more players it could be more
Play one game, slap, slap, slap
Some of you will be handicapped!

Group winners will then have the chance
To the finals you will advance
Knock-out draw and you’ll agree
Prizes to go to the top three.

Flick! Flick! Flick!
Did you ever hit a nick?
You can hit a nick with a really neat trick
With your squash stick and if you are slick
Make your wrist quick flick,
And hit a real slick trick nick!

And while you’re hear you all can cheer
The magic brew will appear so near
Have no fear let me be clear
We’ll provide a keg of beer.

Some games are long, I will admit
But that’s okay you all are fit
Some games are short, a couple of hits
And that is why we call it “Blitz”! 

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