Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Nash Cup, September 26-28

Remember the classic film? The American backpackers are attacked by a werewolf in the Yorkshire moors, killing one and turning the survivor into a werewolf himself. Every full moon, he would transform into the creature and go hunting for victims through the streets of London. Similarly, we have all been bitten by the dreaded “squash-wolf”, which is a darn sight worse since we don’t have to wait for full moons to morph into beer-thirsty, racquet swinging fiends, searching for drinks and hungry for victory. We are like that permanently.

Now is your chance to take that hankering to the quaint little village of London and unleash your inner beast upon the local population. The “Nash Cup” is ready to accept your presence for their ever more popular annual squash tournament. It is scheduled for the weekend of September 26-28, which – in case you haven’t been keeping up with the DAC calendar – is the same time as the “Back-to-the-Club Night” party. Now I know that it is tough to compete with our biggest bash of the year, but if you are so inclined to join me in London, it would be a fantastic chance to not only play some very tough squash and gain a ton of experience in the process, but you will also get the opportunity to watch the professionals and learn even more! That pro men and women! It would also be a chance to let your hair down (grow) and attack the neighboring establishments.

Going from past years, the standard at this event is very high. You have a number of categories to choose from:
  1. Open. If you can compete with me, enter this one.
  2. Men’s A. If you can compete with Jed (our club champ), enter this one.
  3. Men’s B. If you are a 4.5 – 5.0+, enter here,
  4. Men’s C. If you are a 3.5 – 4.4, this is your domain.
  5. Men’s D. If you are 3.4 or below, you belong here.
  6. Women’s A. If you are female, and can play with Jed, enter here.
  7. Women’s B. 4.5 – 5.0+.
  8. Women’s C. 3.5 – 4.4.
  9. Women’s D. 3.4 and below.

You will definitely need to bring your ‘A’ game, your animalistic determination to do well at this event. Squash-wise that is. Party-wise, I think we should have that covered! And party at this tournament is almost a requirement of entry. The women’s pro final will be scheduled for the Friday night (Sept. 26th) and the men’s pro final for the Saturday night, beer pong tables will be set up, you will be hard pressed not to enjoy yourself. All for a $70 CAD entry fee. Bargain.

For registration and accommodation information, check out the link: . The deadline to enter is September 21. Ready to be an American Squash-Wolf”? This is a weekend you should absolutely sink your teeth into. Don’t make me the only DAC representative. (The lone wolf…!)

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